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Google teams with TAG to give the rich an Apple Watch alternative

TAG's Android Wear watch is to be based on the stunning Carrera. Photo: TAG

TAG’s Android Wear watch is to be based on the stunning Carrera. Photo: TAG

With smartwatches set to take over the world, TAG Heuer is determined not to go down easy like other Swiss watchmakers. The company is teaming up with Google and Intel to build a high-end Android Wear watch that will give wealthy gadget lovers a premium alternative to Apple Watch.

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An Apple drone? One man dares to dream

The Apple Drone is one man's unauthorized concept. But he seemed to get the design right. Photo: Eric Huisman

The Apple Drone is an unauthorized concept, but the design looks right. Photo: Eric Huisman

We have Apple products atop our desks, in our pockets and, soon, on our wrists. As if there aren’t enough Apples in our airspace, one man is nudging his favorite company to design a quadrocopter. He’s even taken a stab at designing his dream Apple drone — and was careful to remain faithful to the Jony Ive aesthetic.

Eric Huisman presents his Apple drone concept like a classic Apple ad, with the product photographed on a seamless white background, perfectly lit, with a subtle shadow.

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Force Touch could make your next Mac keyboard a virtual one

Photo: Matt Buchanan CC

Typing on your iMac may one day be like using your iPad. With one crucial difference. Photo: Matt Buchanan/Flickr CC

Apple’s magical Force Touch trackpad — which uses haptic technology to make the new MacBook trackpad feel like it’s clicking, even when it’s not — was unveiled at the company’s recent “Spring Forward” event.

But a patent application published today suggests that this is merely the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the interest in haptic technology on the part of Tim Cook and co. The application describes a whole virtual keyboard for the iMac, meaning that users could type onto a flat glass or metallic plate, but would still be able to feel the individual keys.

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Why did Steve Jobs make Tim Cook watch Remember the Titans?

Remember the Titans is a movie starring Denzel Washington as a shouty coach who turns a disorganized football into a crack, disciplined outfit. Credit: Disney

Remember the Titans stars Denzel Washington as a shouty coach who turns a disorganized football team into a disciplined outfit. Photo: Disney

A few days before he died, Steve Jobs asked Tim Cook over to his house to watch a movie together.

The movie he selected was Remember the Titans, a football drama starring Denzel Washington. It’s set in the South, and concerns the struggles of integrating a racially mixed team during the civil rights’ era. Cook was surprised by Jobs’ choice of movie — Jobs had little interest in sports — but he said they talked about it afterward.

Why would Jobs, who had recently stepped down as Apple CEO and appointed Cook in his place, want to watch this movie with his successor just a few days before he died? Was he trying to pass on some crucial knowledge?

I re-watched the movie last night and have a pretty good idea.

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Here’s how to make your very own Apple Watch out of Lego

Photo: Chris

This Apple Watch is brick-tastic! Photo: Chris McVeigh

Are you still trying to work out how to scrape together enough money to buy a $349 Apple Watch, let alone a $10,000-plus Apple Watch Edition? If so, an answer could be the neat solution dreamed up by Chris McVeigh: Build one out of Lego.

Rather than waiting until April 24, by following master builder McVeigh’s instructions you can have the joy of building a Lego Apple Watch from the privacy of your own home, even putting up “Do Not Enter” signs and making your spouse sign nondisclosure agreements to achieve that fully authentic Apple effect.

Check out the details below:

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Behold this shameless Chinese Apple Watch clone running Android

Screen Shot 2015-03-18 at 4.48.58 PM

Trying too hard to be an Apple Watch. Photo: HAX

We got our first look at Apple Watch knockoffs at CES earlier this year, and while those junky devices were about as basic as they could be, more advanced knockoffs have hit the market since.

From right out of China, behold this shameless Apple Watch clone running Android:

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Apple gives the boot to dev who allegedly fabricated cancer story

Belle Gibson was profiled on many TV shows, including "Australia's No. 1 breakfast show." Photo: Sunrise

Disgraced app developer Belle Gibson was profiled on many TV shows, including “Australia’s No. 1 breakfast show.” Photo: Sunrise

An Australian indie developer who was flown to Cupertino by Apple to work on an Apple Watch app alongside giants like Twitter and BMW has come under fire for reportedly falsifying a story about suffering from terminal cancer.

Created by healthy-living proponent Belle Gibson, iPhone food app The Whole Pantry has been pulled from the App Store, while an accompanying Apple Watch app has vanished from Apple’s list of “coming soon” apps for its upcoming wearable.

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8 things we learned from Tim Cook’s interview with Fast Company

Tim Cook is all about privacy. Photo: Apple

No one is more of a believer in Apple culture than Tim Cook. Photo: Apple

Tim Cook tells how Apple avoids Microsoft-style screw-ups, how many Apple Watches the company plans to sell, and why he keeps Steve Jobs’ office exactly as he left it in a new interview filled with fascinating tidbits.

The interview in Fast Company comes in the run-up to the March 24 launch of Becoming Steve Jobs, a biography by veteran journalists Brent Schlender and Rick Tetzeli. The book is viewed by some Apple execs as a corrective following Walter Isaacson’s Steve Jobs bio, and this is Cook’s well-timed salvo in the campaign to set the record straight.

Here are the parts we found most interesting.

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What browsing was like in 1997


Relive the web in the 90’s. Photo: Open University

Young Apple fans may not remember the unveiling of the original iMac that put Apple back on the map, but now you can experience what it was like to learn all about Jony and Steve’s candy-colored creation on the World Wide Web like it’s 1997 all over again.

Relive the thrills and horrors of what it was like the surf back in 1997, thanks to the folks at Open University who created a series of GIFs that capture the the web of the late-90’s thanks to the Internet Archive Wayback Machine.

Apple’s old website didn’t look too bad back then, especially s hideous compared to most websites at the time, which heavily featured crappy graphics, block graphic links, and clumsy navigation, Apple’s website stands out from the other options at the time.

For a full run-down on the history of’s design changes through the years, check out our feature here.

This is what the iPhone 6s will look like in rose gold

Photo: Martin Hajek

Photo: Martin Hajek

When Dutch conceptual artist Martin Hajek heard that the next iPhone 6s might come with a rose gold option, he just had to see what it would look like. So he took his ultra-realistic renders of the iPhone 6s and the Apple Watch and dipped them in fancy rose gold.

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