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Alleged iPad Pro case reveals possible details of Apple’s 12.9-inch tablet


New photos of cases reportedly designed for an upcoming 12.9-inch iPad Pro may reveal interesting tidbits about Apple’s long-rumored giant tablet.

Check out the possible details, based on photos from renowned Apple leaker Sonny Dickson, below.

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How to hack the new MacBook’s power chime onto the MacBook Air and Pro

Here's how to hack the new MacBook's power chime onto the Aiir and Pro. Photo: Apple

Here’s how to hack the new MacBook’s power chime onto the Air and Pro. Photo: Cult of Mac

You know how the iPhone and iPad plays a little chime when you plug it in? The new MacBook also does that. But sadly, the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro remain completely silent when they connect to juice — which can make it hard to tell when you’ve accidentally knocked the MagSafe loose.

If you’ve got a MacBook Pro or MacBook Air, though, it’s easy to hack in the new MacBook’s power-charging sound. Here’s how.

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Apple considering how best to add Force Touch to iPhone 6s

Apple Watch's Force Touch tech could be coming to iPhone. Photo: Apple

Apple Watch’s Force Touch tech could be coming to iPhone. Photo: Apple

Apple is reportedly testing two different designs for incorporating Apple Watch-style Force Touch technology into its next iPhone, according to a new report citing the Taiwanese supply chain.

With around five months until the next iPhone is unveiled, Apple is apparently experimenting with different placements for the Force Touch sensor — either locating it between the handset’s outermost protective screen cover and the in-cell touch panel, or else underneath the touch panel backlighting layer.

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Shield your iPhone fitness data from other apps’ prying eyes

Keep your activity data private. Photo: Rob LeFebvre/Cult of Mac

Keep your activity data private. Photo: Rob LeFebvre/Cult of Mac

With the advent of Apple’s motion coprocessor chip (the M8 in recent iOS devices), any apps that you download and grant permission to can use this data to enhance their offerings.

This lets apps like RunKeeper, Carrot Fitness and others both gather fitness data from your iPhone as well as send it to the Health app.

This could raise privacy concerns for some, so being able to decide which apps we allow to access our fitness-tracking data — or whether the iPhone tracks these activities at all — can be a helpful.

Here’s our recipe for getting finer-grained control over your fitness-tracking data.

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Confused about the Apple Watch UI? Memorize this cheat sheet

Photo: Apple

This will make a lot more sense to you after you read this post. Photo: Apple

Here’s a chart that explains the Apple Watch user interface so well, you’ll have the UI memorized by the time your smartwatch comes in the mail.

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The new Retina MacBook could be Apple’s least-repairable notebook yet

The new MacBook in pieces. Photo: iFixit

The new MacBook in pieces. Photo: iFixit

Apple’s new MacBook may be one “for the future” but it’s already had a teardown from our friends over at iFixit, filling you in on all the ways the next-gen notebook differs from its predecessor.

That includes Apple’s butterfly mechanism keys, its Force Touch trackpad, form-fitting layered battery, and, of course, the thinnest, most energy-efficient Retina display ever seen on a Mac.

It’s not just ports the new notebook is missing, however. It’s also one of Apple’s least-repairable notebooks to date!

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Apple’s latest acquisition could revolutionize iPhone camera

Photo: Apple

What tech advances will the next iPhone camera bring? Photo: Apple

Apple is looking to ramp up its camera technology with the acquisition of Israeli company LinX.

The two companies reached a deal that will see Apple paying about $20 million for the startup, but if the company’s multi-aperture cameras are actually as stunning as advertised, future iPhones could gain SLR-quality images.

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Did ‘bug’ cause Russian Siri to be homophobic?

Photo: Jackee Chang / Twitter

Apple’s Russian virtual assistant had some Siri-ously outdated views. Photo: Jackee Chang/Twitter

Apple’s Russian version of Siri launched earlier this month, and while the presence of the virtual assistant in Russia is certainly welcome, its early bigoted views were not.

According to one YouTube user, Siri not only refused to answer questions about gay bars but went a step further, providing downright homophobic responses. In the video, Siri supposedly claims to be embarrassed by the topic, suggesting that gay marriage is a bit of a downer.

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Your selfie stick isn’t welcome at WWDC

Selfie sticks aren't welcome at WWDC. Photo: R4vi/Flickr

WWDC invites don’t permit selfie sticks. Photo: R4vi/Flickr

If you’re lucky enough to get an invite to Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference this June, make sure you don’t turn up at Moscone West with your selfie stick.

Apple’s information page for the event confirms that selfie sticks and similar apparatus will not be allowed inside the venue or within the Yerba Buena Gardens, so if you really must take pictures of your own face, you’ll have to do it the old-fashioned way.

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Take a GIF tour of iOS 8.4’s new Music app

Apple's Music app is getting a redesign. Photo: Cult of Mac

Apple’s Music app is getting a redesign. Photo: Cult of Mac

Rumors of a redesign coming to the iOS Music app have been floating around the rumor mill ever since Apple acquired Beats last year, and today we got our first preview of the future of music.

iOS 8.4 gives developers a look at the redesigned Music app that’s aimed at making it easier, faster, and more fun to listen to music than ever before. Apple has left out the long-rumored streaming-music component of the app, but the redesign is full of other noteworthy features.

Here’s a quick GIF tour of all the new changes:

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