How to use Messages to play videos and preview links in MacOS Sierra


Cult of Mac
Sharing videos and webpages just got a bit easier.
Photo: Ste Smith/Cult of Mac

MacOS Sierra has a ton of neat features that’ll change the way you work using your Mac. The ability to play videos inside Messages probably isn’t one of them, but it’s certainly a nice touch that makes chatting to your friends and sharing content that much better.

Here’s what you need to know if you’re running the new operating system, which is currently in public beta and will be released this fall.

It’s impossible to catch ‘em all in Pokémon GO


Pokemon GO
Pikachu is obtainable, but many others aren't!
Photo: Niantic

Give up trying to “catch ’em all” in Pokémon GO, because it’s never going to happen.

Seriously. No matter how much time you put into the game, you will never catch all 151 pocket monsters from the first generation. Right now, it’s only possible to collect 142 of them. Here’s why.

These futuristic headphones transmit sound through your skull [Deals]

These bone conduction headphones offer a listening experience unlike any other.
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Imagine walking around listening to your music without buds blocking your ears, keeping you present and aware in the place you’re standing. That’s exactly what bone-conduction headphones offer, like this Bluetooth-enabled set by KOAR. Instead of air, they use your skull as the medium to transmit sound to your earbuds for a one-of-a-kind listening experience. And right now, you can get a set for $76.99, almost half off.

AAPL shoots up after strong Q3 earnings


There's still a lot of money left in iOS devices.
And just when people were counting Apple out!
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AAPL shares opened almost 8 percent up this morning following Apple’s better-than expected Q3 earnings and sunny outlook for this quarter were announced yesterday.

Shares rose $7.33 after analysts were sufficiently convinced that Apple has “stabilized” falling iPhone sales, along with other positives like a booming App Store. Seriously, do the naysayers and doom-predicters never learn?