Why Even Jay-Z Can’t Make Samsung Cool For Long


In the ongoing smartphone culture wars, Samsung spent a reported $5 million engaging the latest song stylings of Jay-Z as an exclusive for Galaxy owners.

Owners of that phone contended for a million copies of the impressively-titled album “Magna Carta Holy Grail”  launched July 4 in a special app, three days before the rest of us can get it in iTunes. Media saw the promotion as a tactical move by Samsung to gain position on the music front over Apple.

The cachet lasted about as long as a cheap sparkler: there are thousands of torrents of the album available.

As one of the guys who decided to spread the work of Beyoncé’s husband up for everyone put it: “I should clarify it was available to the first million (I think…) Samsung Galaxy owners to chime in with an app for the album. My wife got it but I’m not rocking a Samsung :/”

Caption contest: Family with Mac Portrait


I stumbled across this photo and it’s been bothering me ever since.

The cover for a Romanian magazine for a special issue dedicated to family portraits, it’s not exactly the Euro-style nudity that bugs me. Maybe it’s the hand positions. Or the soggy-looking diaper. Or something about the fetal position of the cat on naked mom?

Anyway, it needs a caption. Something funny. Better clean. Have at it!