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Is Apple Haunted?

Is Apple Haunted?

Trip Chowdhry, the Managing Director of Equity Research at Global Equities Research, told a financial writer a few months ago that Apple’s biggest challenge without founder Steve Jobs is that Apple lacks a “unified force.” In order to become unified again, Apple would need a “supernatural person” overseeing things.

But according to Thai Buddhists, they may have exactly that — the reincarnated spirit of Steve Jobs himself, who they say is living in a “mystical glass palace hovering above his old office at Apple’s Cupertino, California headquarters,” according to The Wall Street Journal.

I’ll tell you in this post more about Jobs’ so-called reincarnation, and also about several ghosts caught haunting various Apple products. (And I’m not talking about problems with the MacBook Pro Retina screens.)

Here’s all the spooky stuff that’s going on. 

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Booster! Photo App Lets You Add Live, Custom Effects As You Shoot


Booster lets you customise filters before you take the photo.

You probably love Instagram filters, and all the other image-tweaking filters in the myriad apps available for your iPhone. But no matter how many you try, they are all just presets.

What if you could make your own presets instead? That’s the promise of Booster!, an iPhone 4/s (or iPad 3 if you don’t mind pixel-doubling) photo app with infinitely changeable live filter effects.

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CinePro Is An All-Manual Video Camera App For The iPhone

CinePro Is An All-Manual Video Camera App For The iPhone

All manual, all the time. Unless you pick auto, I guess.

The iPhone’s camera app is pretty good for shooting stills, and I consistently get sharper pictures with better white balance than I do in any other apps. But for shooting video, it just plain sucks: the crop factor (which lets image stabilization do its stuff) makes indoor shooting hard, and you have almost no control over anything but focus.

So do yourself a favor and go spend a buck on CinePro, a video-shooting app that gives you all the control you need.

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The Kick, An Amazing Interactive Lighting Panel For iPhoneography [Kickstarter]

An LED lighting panel to help with your iPhone photos. Sounds super-lame, right? Well, allow me to change your mind, because when you see the Kicker in action, you’re going to want the Kickstarter campaign to finish ASAP.

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Famous Photos Run Through Instagram

Famous Photos Run Through Instagram

Neil Leifer photo holds up better than most.

Does Instagram really make your photos better? If you’re shooting them with the crappy camera in the original iPhone – for which the app’s grungy filters were designed – then the answer is yes. But what about the iPhone 4S, or any other camera – even film?

Allen Murabayashi decided to find out. He grabbed a handful of famous images from the web and ran them through everybody’s favorite photo grungifier. From Neil Leifer’s iconic 1965 shot of Ali vs Liston through Steve McCurry’s Kodachrome-tastic Afghan Girl to a shot from the royal wedding, all of them suffer from being Instagrammed.

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Pris, An Ultra-Simple Camera App For iPhone

IMG 2265

Single Minded.

Pris is a ridiculously simple new camera app for the iPhone which nonetheless manages to give you all the features you actually need, only without getting in the way. Shoot with the iPhone in portrait orientation and it’ll snap square photos and videos, ready for Instagram. Flip the iPhone into landscape and Pris will shoot super widescreen video and stills in a Star Wars-like 2.25:1 aspect ratio. There’s more, but in principle that’s the entire app.

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Alien Sky Adds Alien Skies To iPhone Photos [Video]

If the actual Alien Sky app is as good as this awesome teaser video, then it deserves to be a sell-out success. Who doesn’t love pictures of planets married to dramatic, movie-score music?

Sadly, it might end up just being a little tacky. Like a nightclub after the house lights are switched on, take away the spectacular soundtrack and all you’re left with is an app that lets you add planets, more planets, planets with rings and lens flare to your photos — it’ll get old and tawdry pretty fast.

I do like the lens-flare aspect, though. And for this, I would probably download the Alien Sky developer’s existing app, aptly named LensFlare.

Best Camera And Photo Accessories [Best Of]

Best of photo stuff

Photo accessories for iPhones and regular cameras.

Best Of Photo Accessories [Best Of]

We have noticed a big crossover between Apple users and camera geeks. And while the iPhone’s own camera continues to get better and better, your old SLR still has some life in it yet. And whatever you shoot with, there are accessories that can perk up your interest or let you catch an otherwise-impossible shot. These are the best of them.

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Stilla 3-D Photography App Is How Postcards Would Look In Minority Report

Imagine that you stood in one place and took a bunch of photos in different directions. Now imagine that you printed these photos onto glass sheets and arranged them in the same planes that they were shot: the picture you took of the sky is horizontal, facing down. The mountain off to the left is upright and facing right.

Now imagine that these pieces of glass magically intersect to make a lattice which you can turn to view, and that those pieces of glass disappear from view when they are edge on.

You just imagined Stilla, a great new iPhone app which does all of this for you, without harming a single sheet of glass.

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Every Camera App Should Have Frameographer’s New ‘Smart Zoom’ Feature


Frameographer's Smart Zoom really is smart

The new 1.3 update to the stop-motion-animation app Frameographer has a new feature called Smart Zoom, and it is so obviously good that every video-shooting app for iOS should be using it already.

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