Apple’s spaceship campus gets perfectly replicated in Minecraft


The spaceship is ready for liftoff.
The spaceship is ready for liftoff.
Photo: Alex Westerlund

Apple’s new campus isn’t move-in ready just yet, but you can take a virtual tour of the company’s new headquarters thanks to a Minecraft player who painstakingly re-created the entire spaceship.

It took over a year for Alex Westerlund to replicate the Apple spaceship campus in Minecraft, with more than 232 hours invested in the virtual building. Without using help or mods, Westerlund claims his Minecraft Apple Campus is 100 percent accurate.

Take a look:

Pokémon GO is finally adding 80 new monsters this week


Time to load up on PokéBalls and catch some pocket monsters.
Time to load up on PokéBalls and catch some pocket monsters.
Photo: Niantic

Catching all the Pokémon in the world is about to get a lot more challenging.

The makers of the popular game Pokémon GO revealed that 80 new creatures will be added this week, along with gender-specific variations and an all-new way to evolve your Pokémon.

Get wireless charging early with this iPhone 7 case


ZENS is compatible with any Qi charging pad.
Photo: ZENS

Why wait for Apple to bring wireless charging to the iPhone when you can add it yourself?

ZENS is an iPhone 7 case that adds Qi charging capabilities, allowing it to be used with almost any wireless charging pad. It’s also slim and protective, and it comes bundled with a wireless charger for under $60.

Apple pushes back against shareholder diversity demands


Apple is pledging to do more on the diversity front.
Apple needs to step up its diversity game, a small group of shareholders claim.
Photo: Apple

A small group of Apple investors think the company isn’t doing enough to improve its racial and gender diversity quotas, and suggest that Apple needs to step up its pace.

For the second time, investor Tony Maldonado has filed a shareholder proposal asking Apple to, “adopt an accelerated recruitment policy … to increase the diversity of senior management and its board of directors.”

It seems Apple disagrees, though.

Keep your smart home secure with D-Link’s HD HomeKit camera


Screen Shot 2017-02-15 at 14.33.54
It's like a security-minded HAL 9000.
Photo: Apple

Apple is continuing to broaden the number of HomeKit-compatible devices available it sells, with D-Link’s new smart home security camera system now available through its online store.

The $199.95 Omna 180 Cam HD boasts a 1080p night vision camera, with two-way audio and 180-degree field of view, capable of sending video notifications to your iPhone or iPad whenever motion is detected.