Zane Lowe says Apple is working on new Beats stations


Beats 2, 3, 4, and 5 may be in the works.
Photo: Apple

Beats 1 DJ Zane Lowe says that Apple is “working on” new Beats radio stations, although won’t introduce them until, “they feel it’s right.”

While Lowe doesn’t provide more details, it’s one of the few things he addresses directly in an interview during which he sidesteps plenty of other questions — suggesting it’s something that Apple’s happy to be talked about to some extent.

Super Mario Run gets new playable characters, more free stages


Super Mario Run on iOS
Nintendo's hit game just got a big update.
Photo: Apple

Haven’t played Super Mario Run since the first few weeks after its release? Nintendo is hoping to lure you back, as well as recruiting fresh players, with the 2.0 upgrade of its endless runner game.

The update beings new playable characters, new courses in Toad Rally, new buildings, greater ease of play, and assorted other changes and improvements.

Today in Apple history: Macintosh LC II is the Mac mini of its day


The Macintosh LC II was more powerful and cheaper than its predecessor.
Photo: Jonathan Zufi

Mar23 March 23, 1992: The “headless” Macintosh LC II arrives, wooing value-oriented customers with a beguiling mix of updated internals and budget pricing.

Designed to take up minimal space underneath a monitor that was sold separately, the Mac LC II is destined to become a hit. In retrospect, the entry-level machine is roughly analogous to today’s Mac minis.

Apple denies that millions of iCloud accounts have been hacked


The CIA has a team of more than 5,000 hackers.
Hackers have threatened to remotely wipe devices belonging to millions of users.
Photo: Brian Klug/Flickr CC

Apple is denying reports that hackers have gained access to up to 559 million customer accounts, and are extorting the company by promising to remotely wipe devices of their data.

Hackers identifying themselves as the “Turkish Crime Family” this week demanded $75,000 in cryptocurrencies Bitcoin or Ethereum from Apple, or else $100,000 in iTunes gift cards. In exchange, they have said they will delete their alleged data cache.

Archivist seeks to preserve every Apple II program ever created


Software swaps and hardware hacks at the 2016 KansasFest.
Software swaps and hardware hacks at the 2016 KansasFest.
Photo: David Pierini/Cult of Mac

Jason Scott is an archivist and the enthusiasm for what he curates is the kind ascribed to 15th-century manuscripts or Jamestown colony artifacts – not software on obsolete floppy disks written for a 40-year-old computer system.

Scott is out to collect any original or copied software disks for the Apple II as if a language is in danger of dying with the people who speak it or possess some record of its existence.

Week’s best Apple deals: The ‘no new iPad Pro’ edition


Apple deals on MacBook, iPhone 5s, MacBook Pro, iTunes Gift Cardsåç
No new iPad Pro? No problem.
Photos: Apple

Bummed that you can’t shop for an updated iPad Pro? We’re surprised we haven’t seen immediate deep discounts on iPad Air 2 models, considering they are now discontinued and undercut by the faster new iPad.

Instead, we’ll console ourselves with amazing deals on MacBooks and iPhones, including the best price we’ve ever seen on the high-end MacBook Pro with Touch Bar.

Now’s the perfect time to sell your old iPad


This girl is using her iPad, but you probably aren't
It might be time to say "goodbye" to your iPad (and "hello" to some cold, hard cash).
Photo: Unsplash

Today is the best day to sell your iPad. Why? Because with the new iPads coming this week, prices on older gear will soon drop.

If you’ve got an old iPad lying around, or even if you’re over your giant iPad Pro, sell your Apple tablet now before the bottom drops out — we’ll pay you for it through the Cult of Mac buyback program.