Target sold one iPad per second on Thanksgiving


Tim Cook doesn't see big sales in the iPad mini's future.
iPads were flying off the shelves on Thursday.
Photo: Buster Hein/Cult of Mac

We’ve written about how the overwhelming majority of Thanksgiving mobile shopping was done using iOS devices, but Apple devices themselves were (perhaps unsurprisingly) highly in demand during last week’s big U.S. holiday.

According to one report, Target managed especially impressive sales of both iPads and Apple Watches during Thanksgiving — with Apple’s debut wearable device proving very popular, while iPads sold at the rate of one per second throughout Thursday.

Apple could sell up to 6 million Watches over holiday season


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Interest in Apple Watch could double over holiday season.
Photo: Apple

Compared to the massive numbers of iPhones it unloads each year, Apple has “only” sold around 6-7 million Apple Watches since the device’s launch earlier this year.

Granted, that’s still more than the entire rest of the smartwatch industry combined, but a new report suggests that Apple could be on course to sell almost the same quantity again over the holiday quarter — signalling a near-doubling of sales for Apple’s debut wearable device.

Unhappy customer sues Apple for deleting his iPhone photos


Staff at the Regent Street Apple Store accidentally deleted 15 years' contacts and photos.
Photo: Apple

A 68-year-old pensioner is suing Apple for “[wiping] away his life” after staff at the Regent Street Apple Store in London accidentally deleted his photos and contacts while fixing his iPhone 5.

Londoner Deric White lost photos from his honeymoon, along with 15 years’ worth of contact numbers.

Apple working on new MacBook Airs to debut at WWDC


Photo: Apple
Apple may replace 11-inch MacBook Air with a 15-inch model.
Photo: Apple

Apple is reported to be working on new MacBook Air models to launch at the 2016 WWDC event, most likely to be held in June.

Citing sources in the supply chain, the report claims that Apple may ditch the smaller size 11-inch MacBook Air, but add a 15-inch model, much as it currently offers with the MacBook Pro.

Jeremy Clarkson shows off Amazon’s drone delivery system


Amazon Prime Air
Coming soon to a garden near you?
Photo: Amazon

It’s been a hot minute or two since Amazon last released any information about its proposed drone-based delivery system, Amazon Prime Air, which may one day be dropping off our new iPhones and iPads in the most gravity-defying way possible.

That changed late Sunday when the mega retailer released a brand new video preview showing how the system may work — delivering our new purchases within an impressive 30-minute window. Check it out below.