Could iOS 5 Reinvent iDisk as iCloud, With New iFS File System? [Speculation]


WWDC next month is likely to provide our first sneak preview of the fifth major release of the iPhone and iPad operating system: iOS 5. But with so many enhancements and additions over the years since its launch in 2007, what could Apple possibly add next? This week’s iCloud revelations suggest it might be file management.

iLife ’11 Coming In August With New Features And Mystery Application?



MacRumors have picked up on some claims this morning by Mac4Ever that give details on Apple’s next update to the iLife suite.

It’s rumored that the update will happen on August 7th, 2010, and will introduce a whole host of new features including a new “mystery” application:

– iLife ’11 will be sold for $79
– Release Date of 08/07/2010
– All applications will be 64-bit
– Improvements in iPhoto faces & places
– Improving the integration of social networks
– iWeb will be totally renewed
– New application (mystery!)
– Disappearance of iDVD
– MobileMe gallery in beta (with faces & places)

Several rumors have circulated recently regarding an update to iLife, some of which claim the new update will be labelled iLife ’10. However, as MacRumors points out, the iLife ’11 name would be more consistent with Apple’s previous behavior; iLife ’08 was introduced in August, 2007.

Apple Updates MobileMe iDisk App To Include Multitasking & More


Apple has issued an update to its MobileMe iDisk application today and version 1.2 brings some welcome improvements. As well as support for multitasking and fast app switching, iDisk is now a universal application and works natively on the iPad.

What’s more, iPad users can now export documents from iDisk in to iBooks or office applications like Apple’s own Pages, Numbers & Keynote offerings.

Another big improvement is the ability to listen to music from within the iDisk application – this means you can save space on your device by uploading your tracks to an iDisk folder and then listening to them from there. Obviously this will require a data connection to your iDisk, however.

The full list of improvements is as follows:

  • Designed for both iPhone and iPad
  • Multitasking support for iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS (iOS 4 required).
  • Quickly switch to another app and back to iDisk
  • Play audio from your iDisk while using another app
  • When app is opened, the last file or directory viewed is displayed
  • Option to open iDisk documents in compatible apps such as iBooks
  • When sharing a file, an email can be sent from any configured email account
  • The URL for a shared file can be copied and pasted
  • Various stability improvements

iDisk is the last of Apple’s MobileMe apps to be updated for multitasking and iOS 4. All we’re waiting on now is the MobileMe Gallery app improvements and iPad support!

Download MobileMe iDisk for your device from the App Store here.

Apple Updates MobileMe Gallery App, But Still No Gallery Management



Apple released an update today to its MobileMe Gallery application for the iPhone & iPod Touch which brings it up to version 1.1.1.

The update features “various bug fixes” as well as the ability to download your photos in a higher resolution when using the iPhone 4 over Wi-Fi.

Despite these improvements, this little app still leaves much to be desired. Apple are yet to develop a way in which you can manage your photo galleries from your iPhone & iPod Touch. Currently you can only view or upload to galleries you have already created on you computer, and you cannot create or delete galleries from within the app.

As well as this, MobileMe Gallery is still not a universal application, so although it will run on the iPad as most iPhone apps will, it’s not yet been built for the iPad’s larger screen.

MobileMe Web Mail Now Available To All Members


Apple has taken MobileMe Mail out of beta and made it available to all members.

The iPad-inspired three-column view is especially nifty. See the screenshot above.

The new web mail also includes a couple of features not available in the beta: mail forwarding from another account and improved junk mail filtering.

Here’s the full list of features: