How Apple Has Transformed Digital Nomad Living



My name is Mike and I’m a digital nomad. “Hi, Mike!”

A digital nomad is simply a person whose work is location-independent because of mobile technology and the Internet.

Location independence doesn’t mean travel. If you choose to work from home, but could travel if you wanted to, you’re still a digital nomad taking advantage of your ability to choose.

I’ve been a digital nomad for about a decade, and during that time I’ve lived abroad briefly while working.

Before I converted to all-Apple, all the time — and before Apple launched the App Store, the iPad and had Apple Stores all over the place — the experience of living abroad while working was hard, limited and isolating.

But since Apple became the “New Apple,’ and since I switched to Apple products — and also since a host of great online services came online — digital nomad living abroad has become easy, empowering and highly connected.

Loose MagSafe 2 Plug Destroys Retina MacBook Screen


The MagSafe 2, it seems, is neither 'Mag' nor 'Safe.'
The MagSafe 2, it seems, is neither 'Mag' nor 'Safe.'

It’s widely know that that the MagSafe 2 connector found on the new Retina MacBook Pro likes to sever its connection at the slightest chance. But who cares, right? After all, if it comes loose, you just plug it back in – it’s not like it’s the cable to your boot drive or anything.

I’ll tell you who cares: Lukas Mathis. Lukas didn’t notice his weak Mag”Safe” connector disconnecting, and the result was a cracked and ruined Retina screen.

RadSleevz Slip Covers For Retina MacBook Pro: They’re Not Rad, But They Are Sleeves

Like a glove for your new retina MacBook Pro. Only without the fingers. So really more like a thumbless mitten.

RadTech’s brand spanking news RadSleevz are the closest you’ll get to a Smart Cover for your new Retina MacBook Pro. Although some of you might feel that your $2,000+ notebook deserves a little more protection, others will appreciate the RadSleevz’ minimalism.

Nerd Fuel and iOS 6: A Dev’s Take From Inside The WWDC Keynote

Nerd fuel from the WWDC keynote. Via Avocade on Instagram.
Nerd fuel from the WWDC keynote. Via Avocade on Instagram.

It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of Apple events: the secrecy, the frenetic guessing games, the lines at Starbuck’s. It’s like Christmas–before your older brother ruined Santa for you–and it happens a couple of times a year.

So Cult of Mac got the inside scoop from developer Chris Lott, who was sitting inside on this unusually warm San Francisco day with a restless crowd of developers at the World Wide Developer Conference, for his take on the keynote announcements. Lott works with Darren Murtha Design; the two currently have eight iPhone/iPad apps in the iTunes store, most of them nifty learning games aimed at the preschool set.