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How to get beta seeds of OSX for your iMac and Macbooks

With Apple recently making OSX Beta Seed downloads available to the general public, Cult of Mac’s Ste Smith shows you how to prep your Mac to install the latest software. Get the latest OSX updates before general release by following the simple steps shown.

Take a look at the video to see what you need to do.

Haters Gonna Hate My Mobile Dream System


I’ve been exploring for months what the ultimate mobile setup would be — my laptop, tablet, phone and other mobile devices — and now I’m starting to put it together.

There’s no way around it: The Apple, Android and Windows fanboys are all going to hate my conclusions and barbeque my decisions.

Why? Because you’re expected to take sides, for some reason. You’re supposed to be an Apple fanboy and get all your stuff from Apple. Or you’re supposed to be an Apple hater, and denounce everything that the company does.

Objectivity and reason get buried under the vitriol.

I’m not out to help Apple or Google. I’m out to help myself, and get the best mobile experience I possibly can.

My conclusion is that as of right now, no one company can provide the best overall mobile experience by itself anymore — not even Apple. And neither can Google, Samsung or any other company.

So let’s start with the opinions, conclusions and decisions that are going to make the haters hate. 

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Upgrade Your MacBook Pro Keyboard With Lazerwood Keys [Deals]

CoM - Lazerwood

The MacBook Pro already looks pretty stellar. But there are a few add-ons you can pick up that will add even more style to it, and this Cult of Mac Deals offer is a shining example of one of them.

Lazerwood Keys are a sleek way to make your MacBook Pro stand out and add an element of style to your notebook that is truly unique. And Cult of Mac Deals has Lazerwood Keys in cherry wood for only $35 during this limited time offer.

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Will Apple Get Used?


Apple was caught last year selling Apple Certified refurbished hardware on eBay using the pseudonym Refurbished-Outlet. Allegedly.

The prices and details of these products were generally the same as refurbished products sold on the site. The products come with a one-year warranty and mobile devices contain a new battery.

But this week it emerged that Apple is lowering the prices on eBay, sometimes by quite a bit. For example, Apple normally charges $999 for a refurbed MacBook Air with 128 GB. But that same system with the same Apple inspection and one-year warranty went on sale in the eBay store for $899. Prices on other hardware products were slashed similarly.

(In addition, we learned, the company as been apparently working with “power sellers” on eBay to sell Apple hardware. For example, until they ran out of the 500 units put up for sale of 13-inch MacBook Pros selling for $999. These are new devices, not refurbished, and Apple is probably using the “channel” to clear out inventory.)

It seems to me that Apple is working behind the scenes to experiment with different models for selling refurbished and excess inventory. I wouldn’t be surprised if Apple was also trying other channels for doing the same thing that we don’t know about. And I also wouldn’t be surprised if refurbished gadgets vanished from the Apple site altogether, and for those items to be sold in the darker alleys of the Internet (like eBay) exclusively instead.

But I think there’s a ginormous opportunity here for embracing “used” in a big way — and it’s something only Apple could pull off. 

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BookBook Now Available for MacBook Pro with Retina Display


The company Twelve South, which is well known for making iPhone and iPad cases that look like old books, has come out with a BookBook cover for the MacBook Pro with Retina Display.

The cover protects your MacBook Pro with too hardback covers enclosed in genuine leather, plus a cushioned interior. It’s all enclosed with a zipper.

You can use the MacBook with the case still on, or remove it.

There’s a BookBook cover for the 13-inch and also the 15-inch MacBook Pro with Retina display. It’s available now for $79.99.

The company also makes a BookBook for the MacBook Pro.

How Apple Has Transformed Digital Nomad Living


My name is Mike and I’m a digital nomad. “Hi, Mike!”

A digital nomad is simply a person whose work is location-independent because of mobile technology and the Internet.

Location independence doesn’t mean travel. If you choose to work from home, but could travel if you wanted to, you’re still a digital nomad taking advantage of your ability to choose.

I’ve been a digital nomad for about a decade, and during that time I’ve lived abroad briefly while working.

Before I converted to all-Apple, all the time — and before Apple launched the App Store, the iPad and had Apple Stores all over the place — the experience of living abroad while working was hard, limited and isolating.

But since Apple became the “New Apple,’ and since I switched to Apple products — and also since a host of great online services came online — digital nomad living abroad has become easy, empowering and highly connected.

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Loose MagSafe 2 Plug Destroys Retina MacBook Screen

Loose MagSafe 2 Plug Destroys Retina MacBook Screen

The MagSafe 2, it seems, is neither ‘Mag’ nor ‘Safe.’

It’s widely know that that the MagSafe 2 connector found on the new Retina MacBook Pro likes to sever its connection at the slightest chance. But who cares, right? After all, if it comes loose, you just plug it back in – it’s not like it’s the cable to your boot drive or anything.

I’ll tell you who cares: Lukas Mathis. Lukas didn’t notice his weak Mag”Safe” connector disconnecting, and the result was a cracked and ruined Retina screen.

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RadSleevz Slip Covers For Retina MacBook Pro: They’re Not Rad, But They Are Sleeves


Like a glove for your new retina MacBook Pro. Only without the fingers. So really more like a thumbless mitten.

RadTech’s brand spanking news RadSleevz are the closest you’ll get to a Smart Cover for your new Retina MacBook Pro. Although some of you might feel that your $2,000+ notebook deserves a little more protection, others will appreciate the RadSleevz’ minimalism.

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Nerd Fuel and iOS 6: A Dev’s Take From Inside The WWDC Keynote

Nerd Fuel and iOS 6: A Dev’s Take From Inside The WWDC Keynote

Nerd fuel from the WWDC keynote. Via Avocade on Instagram.

It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of Apple events: the secrecy, the frenetic guessing games, the lines at Starbuck’s. It’s like Christmas–before your older brother ruined Santa for you–and it happens a couple of times a year.

So Cult of Mac got the inside scoop from developer Chris Lott, who was sitting inside on this unusually warm San Francisco day with a restless crowd of developers at the World Wide Developer Conference, for his take on the keynote announcements. Lott works with Darren Murtha Design; the two currently have eight iPhone/iPad apps in the iTunes store, most of them nifty learning games aimed at the preschool set.

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What Does A Retina Display Mac Mean For Gaming? [Opinion]

What Does A Retina Display Mac Mean For Gaming? [Opinion]

Mac gaming, long the red-headed-stepchild of the computer gaming scene, just stepped up its, well, game. Today’s World Wide Developers Conference in San Francisco saw several announcements from Apple regarding gaming, including the fact that the hot new MacBook Pro will have Retina graphics capabilities.

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