New Mac Pro sits pretty in this custom desk




Who are you calling trashy?

The Apple logo was left visible, for inspiration.

Ashtray or paperclip holder?

All photos: Takara Maru, used with permission.

Fitting right in

All photos: Takara Maru, used with permission.

Sitting pretty

All photos: Takara Maru, used with permission.

The new Mac Pro, with its sleek cylinder design, has gotten a bad rap. While it’s light-years from the bulky, ugly first-generation Mac Pro and “built for creativity on an epic scale,” this ingenious machine, which Apple sells for between $2,999 and $3,999, looks like a common waste receptacle.

The much-trashed design recently got some love from architect Takara Maru, who carved out a spot on this sleek walnut desk for it. Some might joke that it’s to shield users from the Mac Pro’s looks, but really the aim is to reduce clutter on the desk surface so Maru can focus on home design.

Leaked Specs Point To Three New Mac Pros, Spec-Bumped 13 And 15-Inch MacBook Pros

The MacBook Pro might not be going anywhere just yet.

Apple rumor site 9to5 Mac says it has gotten its hands on the entire spec sheet for the Macs expected to be announced today. There will be a a pair of new desktop Mac Pros, along with a server version.

The site also claims that the current 13 and 15-inch MacBook Pros will get a spec bump, and that there will be a new Retina-display 15-inch model.

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