Use Your Mac to Copy Your Old DVD’s & Burn Them to Disc [How To]



One of the biggest problems with physical media is that it breaks. As soon as your DVD gets a couple scratches it’s rendered un-usable and worthless. Copying a DVD with encryption isn’t as easy as it should be. The good news is that with this walkthrough Cult of Mac will show you how to do it.

Automatically Add Lyrics To All Songs In Your iTunes Library [How To]



Ever been singing along to a new song and wondered just what the heck the lyrics really are? Searching for the lyrics on the internet isn’t the fastest of solutions to avoid lyric confusion. Here we’re going to show you how to utilize scripts and a widget to search out the lyrics for all of the songs in your iTunes library and automatically save them to song’s meta data, so that next time you can correct your friend when they sing “where’s my Asian friend,” when the lyrics really are, “what’s my age again.”

Rip Songs Off Your iPod/iPhone & Back On To Your Mac [How To]



iPods are great nifty little devices that allow you to take music off of your computer and carry  it around town with you inside a magical Apple electronic device. But what happens when you want to transfer the music that’s on your iPod and put it back on your Mac? Despite all of its friendliness, iTunes is unwilling to pry the music of your iPod or iPhone. In this walk-through we’ll show you how to reclaim your music from your iPod and get it back on your Mac.

Colorware Now Tarting Up New Mac Minis


Again jabbing their paint coated thumbs right into poor Jonny Ive’s vitreous jelly comes rig pantone outfit Colorware, who are now prepared to slather your gorgeously designed aluminum unibody Mac mini in whatever garish, classless color scheme of your heart’s choosing.

The service costs $250, which is pretty cheap given how much they charge for a custom-colored iPad, but still a lot more expensive than a can of spray paint and some masking tape. For $1000, you don’t even have to mail them your own hardware: they’ll just send you a Mac mini in the colors of your choosing.

Me, I prefer the Mac mini’s gorgeous design as it is naturally, before it was dipped in a vat of Manic Panic. Pig in lipstick is the wrong analogy: it’s more like a supermodel drowned in a vat of the stuff. Your mileage may well vary.

iFixIt Teardown Reveals New Mac Mini Is Apple’s Most Power-Efficient Desktop To Date


Our favorite unibody vivisectionists over at iFixIt have done their usually thorough job tearing down the new Mac Mini.

A lot of the Mini’s biggest changes are already obvious: the transition to aluminum unibody and the ability to easily access the Mini’s internals with a single counter-clockwise twist, making it very easy to replace RAM. In fact, there aren’t really any big revelations, except one: running at just 10 watts idle, the new Mac Mini is one of the most energy-efficient computers around, and Apple’s most frugally power-sipping desktop yet.