Diamond-encrusted iPhone 6s makes Apple Watch Edition look cheap


Brikk iPhone 6s
When it comes out, Brikk will have an opulent iPhone 6s just for you.
Photo: Brikk

We don’t even know for sure what the unrevealed iPhone 6s is going to look like, but that isn’t stopping one company from opening up preorders for ridiculously expensive and extravagant custom versions of Apple’s upcoming handset.

Luxury design company Brikk will pre-sell you blinged-up versions of the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, and if you have $206,000 or so lying around that you’d love to spend on a phone you haven’t even seen yet, they have a model for you.

iPhone 6 Plus still works after months at bottom of ocean


Water way to test your iPhone!
Your iPhone doesn't usually feel like a dip. Possibly never, in fact.
Photo: Lifeproof

If you’re taking your iPhone 6 Plus on vacation with you, and you anticipate being near a large body of water like, say, the Pacific Ocean, it’s a good idea to take precautions. One kayaker’s ounce of prevention worked out for the best when his iPhone ended up at the bottom of the damned sea.

Months later, a scuba diver found the phone and returned it, and they could do that because both the waterproof bag the owner had bought and the phone inside of it were still working perfectly.

Wafer-thin iPhone 7 concept combines elegance with ugliness


iPhone 7 concept by Mesut G Designs
Can you even see this unofficial iPhone 7?
Photo: Mesut G Design

We aren’t going to find out what the next iPhone looks like until Apple shows us (probably in September), but that isn’t stopping designers from dreaming up some concepts.

Here’s a pretty bold one that imagines the next Apple smartphone as a mix between a Samsung Galaxy Edge and a Club Cracker. You can check it out in the video below.

Filters for iPhone up for new ownership shortly after launch


filters-iphone-app - 2
Filters goes up for sale after just four months in the App Store.
Photo: George Tinari/Cult of Mac

Not long after debuting to a pretty successful launch, Filters for iPhone is up for sale. Developer Mike Rundle explains that he has a full-time job plus children to feed and his little side project of love deserves more attention than he can give. His asking price? $10,000.

Nice rear: iPhone 6s Plus housing leaks


Here's the rear housing for the iPhone 6s with a few observable design tweaks.
Photo: Future Supplier

Ahead of a probable announcement in September, it looks like we can already get a sneak peak at the iPhone 6s Plus – or at least the back of it. The rear housing leaked and there are plenty of photos to gaze at and of course scrutinize for months to come. Some very small differences in the casing have already garnered some attention.