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Motive Stylus Unrolls And Sticks To The iPad’s Smart Cover [Kickstarter]

Motive Stylus Unrolls And Sticks To The iPad’s Smart Cover [Kickstarter]

The Motive Stylus unwraps and sticks to the Smart Cover

The Motive Stylus solves one of the most annoying problems of carrying a stylus for your iPad: Where do you put it? We have seen magnetic styluses which snap onto the Smart Cover before, but none does it quite so securely and unobtrusively as the Motive, which actually folds flat.

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Protex Case Lets You Use The iPad Single-Handed

Protex Case Lets You Use The iPad Single-Handed

Protex protects.

The iPad is many things, but one thing it is not is easy to hold. The Lady literally refuses to touch one when it’s naked (a sound policy in some other situations too), and even though I love the skinny feel of the iPads 2 and 3 in my hands, I too get a little nervous.

Higher Ground’s Protex is a case that not only protects the iPad, but makes it way easier to hold – and all without adding bulk or fugliness.

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Braven 650 Is Robert Downey Jr. To The JamBox’s Johnny Depp [Review]

Braven 650 03

Handsome, tough and smart, the Braven is the Tony Stark of portable speakers

It’s inevitable that any review of the Braven 650 portable Bluetooth speaker compares it to JawBone’s JamBox, and so will this one. Short answer? The Braven sounds better. Long answer? That’s a bit more complicated.

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Griffin AirStrap Med Protects Doctors’ iPads From Blood and Gore

AirStrapMed PRFINAL 600x268

This case shrugs off any and all bodily fluids.

The iPad might seem to be the ideal tool for medical professionals — lightweight, always connected, reliable and with an all-day battery. But none of that will help you if you slip with a scalpel and suddenly have a gusher on your hands, or someone evacuates the contents of their ungrateful stomach all over your tablet.

What you need, doctor, is Griffin’s new AirStrap Mad.

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Finally: A Rugged, Waterproof iPad Case That Looks Good!

Finally: A Rugged, Waterproof iPad Case That Looks Good!

A year ago, I whined and complained that, although the iPad is “awesome,” it’s also a “dandy fancy boy” — for indoor use only.

Yes, there are water-proof “cases” that are little more than industrial-strength zip-lock baggies and bulky padded covers that look like crap and, in any event, aren’t waterproof.

But now it looks like LifeProof is working on an iPad case that both water-proofs and ruggedizes your favorite tablet, without ruining its appearance.

The company hasn’t announcing pricing, but since the iPhone version is $80 the iPad version won’t be cheap.

Go here to pre-order.

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Moxy Earbuds By BodyGuardz [Last Chance!]

Moxy Earbuds By BodyGuardz [Last Chance!]

Your music is important to you, so why use the crappy earbuds that came with your device? Oh sure, they are great as a backup pair to have in a drawer or your gear bag (in case you forget your good ones), but let’s face it, basic earbuds don’t do anyone’s music justice.

Today’s deal gives you the chance to get a great pair of earbuds for only $37! The BodyGuardz Moxy earbuds look great, sound great, and have touches like woven cloth cords that don’t tangle. What are you waiting for?

Please note: product can ONLY be shipped to the CONTINENTAL United States.

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Bamboo Box Turns iPad Into An All-Powerful Cash Register

Detail1 cashbox bamboo horiz frontoblique 1

This cash register could be used in the House of Bamboo

I used to work as a the sole waiter in a restaurant where the cash register consisted of a wooden cigar box and a solar-powered Casio calculator. I’m an honest chap, and the chef was also the owner, so it worked just fine. But times have changed, and now there exists a modern alternative to our old cedar box. It’s called the Cashbox and it is fashioned from beautiful bamboo varnished to look like a hideous high-school craft project.

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Weird, Rocket-Shaped GoSmart Stylus Is A Surprise Winner [Reviews]

Gosmart stylus

This crazy-looking thing might be the most accurate stylus we have tested. Photo Charlie Sorrel (CC BY-NC-SA 3.0).

With pens, there are really only a few designs — fountain pens with nibs, ballpoints and felt-tipped markers. Anything else is pretty much just a variation on those. But with iPad styluses, pen designers seem to be going crazy with brand new ideas. One of these is the GoSmart Stylus, and at first look it seems like a terrible idea. Pick it up and use it, though, and you’ll be hooked.

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Keyboard-Coddling Travel Case Is A Perfect Combination Of Lightness And Strength [Review]

IMG 2213

Waterfield's case is like a little sleeping bag for your Apple keyboard. Photo Charlie Sorrel (CC BY-NC-SA 3.0)

Of the many keyboard options available to the iPad-toting traveler, one that is often forgotten is Apple’s own aluminum Bluetooth keyboard. It is light, tough and slides easily into a bag. But if you want it to last more than a few trips, you should probably use a case.

This last weekend I did what every good Englishman should do and returned to Blighty to get drunk in the name of the Queen. And as I figured there might also be some work to do, I packed my keyboard in Waterfield’s $29 Keyboard Slip case.

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$100 ‘Charging Station’ Is Just A Leather Pouch With a USB Hub Inside

Aviiq charger

You probably own a charging station like this already

Why carry just a tiny iPad charging brick and a few miniature USB cables to juice all of your gadgets when you could instead schlep this huge "Portable Charging Station with Cable Rack" along with you instead? That’s what AViiQ hopes you’ll do, and it also wants you to pay $80-$100 for the privilege.

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