Future Google Projects Unveiled: Hoverboards, And Wolverine Claws, And Talking Dogs! Oh My! [Humor]


Ever since Back to the Future II came out back in 1989, everyone’s been wondering: “Where are the damn Hoverboards!?” Thankfully, Google’s got you covered. Thanks to a newly released concept video, we now know that Hoverboards are next on Google’s X Labs project list, followed by talking dogs and real life Wolverine claws!

You didn’t really think Google was going to stop at Augmented Reality glasses and self driving cars, did you?

It’s Official, Siri Wants To Show You Pictures Of Stallions [Humor]


We’ve already shown you how well Android’s Jelly Bean voice search performs in respect to Siri, but one reviewer has managed to uncover a hidden obsession of Siri’s: Siri likes to show you pictures of stallions! After asking Siri and Android’s new voice search a barrage of real world questions, it became apparent Siri only had one thing on the mind: male horses.

MagSafe To MagSafe 2 Adapter Unboxed, To Hilarious Effect [Humor]

Ridiculous! Photo Paul Kafasis
Ridiculous! Photo Paul Kafasis

Apple is generally known not just for the minimal design of its products, but also for the minimal design of its packaging. But when it comes to the new MagSafe to MagSafe 2 adapter, the box is not only huge in comparison to its payload, it also consists of a frankly ridiculous number of individual parts. And Paul Kafasis, boss of Rogue Amoeba software, has the photos to prove it.

Exclusive: Is This An Early Retina Display MacBook Pro Prototype? [Humor]

leaked retina mb-1-2
Kidding! It's a MacBook and an iPad. The bit about the scotch was real, though.

These exclusive blurrycam shots, which I found on an SD card left on my kitchen table next to a half-empty bottle of scotch, show what we think is a prototype retina-display 13-inch MacBook. It seems that, along with the high-res retina display like that found on the iPad, it also comes with a large bezel and the option to buy the device in white.

Too Many iPads? [Caption Contest]

Your Caption Here?
All I really wanted were the Apple stickers --munpip214

Congrats, commenter munpip214! You’ve won the contest! Enjoy your newfound fame!

So, this image is fairly clear, right? A ton of iPads, all charging with some charging ephemera in the background, none of them out of the plastic wrap that iPads come in. The poster on G+, Google’s social network, is Cameron Brower. What he does is anyone’s guess, but we found this image to be rather sublime, and just crying out for a clever caption. His comment on it? “I hope I never see an iPad again.” Now, it’s your turn.