Mad Magazine Joins In On The iOS 6 Maps Fun With Its Parody Of A 1976 New Yorker Cover [Humor]



If you thought you had seen your last Apple Maps parody, think again. Mad Magazine, a purveyor of satire, has joined in on the fun with its latest parody of The New Yorker featuring Apple Maps. It’s starting to look like Mapgate will remain a staple of satire much longer than the once hilarious Antennagate saga.

It Was Only A Matter Of Time Before Der Führer Found Out About iOS 6 Maps [Humor]



We all knew this was coming. It was only a matter of time before Hitler found out about Apple’s new iOS 6 Maps. As you may have already guessed, der Führer isn’t all that happy with the new service and is quite irate over the fact that his house is listed as a fountain in Austria.

Watch the hilarity unfold as Hitler is informed that a Google Maps app has yet to be approved and his army is officially all out of 30-pin connectors.

Apparently The iPhone 5 Has A Laser Keyboard And Projects Holographic Images… No Wonder It Sold Out So Fast [Humor]



No other news agency consistently fails as much as Fox. Take for instance this Fox 5 reporter in NY who decided to head down to the 5th Avenue Apple Store to interview a few of the crazies already lining up for the “most amazing, best Apple product ever.” I was shaking my head until the reporter started listing off some of the new features of the iPhone 5 and let me tell you… I’m packing my sleeping bag as soon as I finish this post!

Does The iPhone 5 Feature Anything You Wish You Had On Your Android Device?



Apple released the iPhone 5 today, and while it put the majority of us to sleep, we can’t help but think there HAS to be at least one feature of the iPhone 5 that you wish you had. Yes, I realize we already have over 90% of them already, but what about its PPI? There has to be something? I’ve put together a poll with a few of the possibilities, so put in your vote, and if there’s something else you can think of, throw it in the comments.

Can’t Figure Out Who’s Going To Win Apple vs Samsung? Try Using The Verdict-O-Matic [Comic]


JoyofTech crop

Still having trouble deciding which way the wind will blow at the end of the patent trial currently being waged between Apple and Samsung? Apparently, you’re not alone,

The Joy Of Tech geniuses, Nitrozac and Shaggy, are at it again in this hilariously designed flow chart to help you make the call about who copied who in the Apple vs Samsung case. It’s fairly obvious that the comic creators are biased, but c’mon – aren’t we all, a little bit?

As we’re an Apple-facing website, we thought it our duty to bring you this, our favorite comic breakdown of the now famous patent case.