One super-slim battery can charge almost any device [Week’s Best Deals]


From a massively powerful and super slim battery to time-saving typing app and lots more, check out this week's best deals.
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While everyone’s freaking out about the state of the world, we here at the Cult of Mac Store are busy finding the best deals we can find. This week, we’ve got a single super-slim battery that can juice up anything from an iPhone to a MacBook, a full year of the uber-popular TextExpander app, a lifetime of powerful VPN protection, and a set of comprehensive courses in programming for iOS.

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4 discounted Mac app deals to keep your Mac happy [Deals]


We've rounded up dozens of top shelf apps for Mac, from productivity to utility and beyond.
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If you’ve been thinking about adding some new apps to your Mac, you’re in the right place. We’ve gathered some of the best offers on a range of Mac apps: a comprehensive drive utility, Roxio’s latest version of Toast Titanium, a powerful PDF converter, and a bundle of 12 Mac apps that you can name your price for.

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Take your typing up a notch with one simple app [Deals]


CoM - TextExpander- 1-Yr Single User Plan
Save precious time over countless keystrokes with this simple text-based app.
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When you spend any amount of time working at the keyboard, you tend to develop a few bad habits. Over hundreds of thousands of keystrokes, even small gains in efficiency can add up to a lot of saved time. That’s what makes TextExpander such an indispensable tool, a simple shortcut tool for basic text editing that can drastically cuts keystroke counts. And right now you can get a year of TextExpander for just $19.98 at Cult of Mac Deals.

This sleek battery packs serious punch [Deals]


CoM - ZeroLemon ToughJuice QC 2.0 5-Port Power Bank
This single, slim battery packs enough power to juice up almost anything, from an iPhone to a MacBook.
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If you travel with any number of devices, you know that a backup battery can prevent being powerless at just the wrong time. But carrying a bunch of batteries doesn’t exactly make for traveling light. That’s why you should look into a single slim battery like ToughJuice from ZeroLemon. It can bring a charge to a number of devices, from iPhones to MacBooks. And right now, at less than half price, you can get a 30,000mAh ToughJuice for $59.99 at Cult of Mac Deals.

Get grooving with this glorious audio gear [Deals]


collage-2017-02-23 (1)
We've got the best in Bluetooth earbuds, headphones and streaming hubs at the Cult of Mac Store.
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One of the most important uses of our digital devices is bringing sweet, sweet sounds to our ears. Whether you want to listen to a favorite album or podcast, we’ve gathered some of the best delivery systems for top-shelf sound.

From two different Bluetooth earbud sets to a home audio streaming hub and a set of high-fidelity Bluetooth headphones, there’s plenty here to please your ears.

VR headsets, Bluetooth headphones and more [Week’s Newest Deals]


From VR headsets and Bluetooth earbuds to a lifetime of cloud storage and downloadable YouTube videos, check out the best new deals this week.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

Say goodbye to winter and hello to these great new deals on gear and gadgets in the Cult of Mac Store. This week, we’ve got a terabyte of super-secure cloud storage for life, a way to save your favorite streaming videos, a versatile VR headset, and a set of boss Bluetooth earbuds.

Better yet, everything’s massively discounted!

Keep your gadgets charged, connected, and protected [Week’s Best Deals]


From double-duty thumb drives to universal power, dig the week's best deals at the Cult of Mac Store
Photos: Cult of Mac Deals

2017 is humming right along. OK, maybe more like crashing along. Nevertheless, we’re offering the best deals this side of the digital divide. This week, our top gear and gadgets include a 64GB thumb drive that doubles as a connector cable, a powerful app for unlocking PDFs, a portable battery pack that can charge almost any device, and a VPN subscription that’ll protect your online life.

Become a worldly wordsmith with Rosetta Stone [Deals]


CoM - Rosetta Stone® Language Learning (Levels 1-5 Instant Download)
Master a new language with the latest version of Rosetta Stone's critically acclaimed language learning software.
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Lots of us wish we knew another language, and we all have similar excuses for not making it happen: We’re too busy or too old, there’s nobody to practice with, and so on. The truth is that it’s never too late to add a language to your life.

Rosetta Stone is one of the best-known programs for language skills for a reason. It’s an intuitive, immersive, visually driven method that’s been proven to work, and is used for training by governments and academic institutions alike. And right now you can get Rosetta Stone in a variety of languages for just $149.99 at Cult of Mac Deals.

Liberate your iOS data with this dual-use thumb drive [Deals]


CoM - iMemStick 3.0 MFi-Certified Lightning Flash Drive
Add 64GB of storage to your iOS device with this thumb drive that doubles as an MFi-certified Lightning cable.
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No matter how much storage your iPhone has, you’ll find a way to run out of it. iTunes doesn’t make managing that data very easy, either. That’s what makes iMemStick so useful. Part thumb drive, part dual-sided USB and Lightning cable, it offers a fast and easy way to store files — documents, videos, photos, etc. — from your iOS devices. It also provides a simple way to move those files to and from other devices.

Think of it as a 64GB lifeboat for your iOS data. And right now you can get an iMemStick 3.0 for just $74.99 at Cult of Mac Deals.

Create the next big app with this 82-hour iOS training bundle [Deals]


CoM - iOS 10 & Swift 3 Starter Bundle
Over 82 hours of instruction will get you caught up to coding for Apple's mobile devices.
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One of the most marketable skills you can have these days is the ability to code and develop for mobile. If you’re interested in learning the ins and outs of coding for iOS, we’ve got a deal for you.

This bundle of lessons covering iOS 10 and Swift 3 clocks in at more than 80 hours of instruction and usually costs hundreds of dollars. But right now, you can get the iOS 10 and Swift 3 Starter Bundle for just $22.50 at Cult of Mac Deals. Better still, if you enter the code “LEARN50” at checkout, you’ll save an additional 50 percent.