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Best deals of the week: KeySmart, 20,000mAh solar battery pack, Jamstik & more [Deals]


Complement your Apple user experience with a hot, new product from Cult of Mac Deals where you’ll always find cool gear and awesome prices.

Save big right now on some of our best deals including the KeySmart 2.0, the ZeroLemon SolarJuice, the Jamstik Wireless Smart Guitar, and a whole lot more.

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Hot deals ending soon: 77% off Bluetooth Cloud Buds and much more [Deals]

CoM_Wireless Bluetooth Cloud Buds

Cult of Mac Deals is all about giving readers killer bargains on sweet tech products that you can really use.

Today we put a spotlight on several deals that are coming to a close very soon to make way for new and exciting products. Don’t miss out. Get these before they’re gone.

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Save 83% On The Complete Arduino Starter Kit & Course Bundle [Deals]

CoM_Arduino Starter Kit
Explore the world of electronics with 25 hours of training and everything that you need to start assembling your very own circuits! Start building your own robot, light sensor, and more today!

For a limited time, get the Complete Arduino Starter Kit & Course Bundle at 83% off, just $84.99, at Cult of Mac Deals.

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Save up to 57% on our favorite iOS accessories like the Rhino Shield Crash Guard [Deals]


Cult of Mac Deals is your one stop shop for all your iOS accessory needs.

Find killer deals in store right now on iPhone cases, camera lenses, Bluetooth add-ons, and more at the lowest prices. Read on for the hottest offers.

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Last chance to enter The MacBook Pro Giveaway – contest closes tonight! [Deals]


In the market for a new MacBook Pro? We urge you not to buy one… because, why buy when you can win one instead?

Cult of Mac Deals is offering the chance for one lucky person to win a shiny new MacBook Pro with the aptly named MacBook Pro Giveaway. Drop whatever you are doing and enter now, because this contest closes on March 18, 2015 – That’s tonight!

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Save 98% on a lifetime of elite training for all of Apple’s major programming software [Deals]


Master all of Apple’s major programming software, from Swift to WatchKit, with lifetime access to a full-spectrum of iOS training with new classes added monthly. This subscription has you covered with courses on everything iOS, and keeps you covered as new technology is released.

Prepare yourself to be a part of that future by learning mobile app development with a lifetime subscription to ‘iOS Online Courses’ Apple Watch, App & Game Coding available through Cult of Mac Deals at a very special & heavily reduced price.

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Get the very best in online security with 4 must-have Mac apps and 2 in-depth courses for 79% off [Deals]


The Ultimate Security Bundle is a web security triple threat: Fight against web threats and hackers using software, third party security services, and training that’ll prepare you to protect yourself for now and into the future.

Now you can get the apps, services, and training to protect yourself now and into the future with the Ultimate Security Bundle, value priced at 79% off for a limited time only at Cult of Mac Deals.

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Best deals of the week featuring 60% off the Snowflake nano drone [Deals]

CoM_Snowflake Drone

It’s easy to save a ton of your hard earned cash and get some of the coolest technology on the market today with Cult of Mac Deals.

Seriously, they make it their mission to source high-end products that they know you’ll love and then achieve price-points that border on stealing. Read on to check out the offers we feel are really exceptional right now. Of course, you can see more just like this at Cult of Mac Deals every day.

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Stay charged with our favorite portable battery packs and save up to 72% [Deals]


Power: Your favorite mobile devices need it, Cult of Mac Deals has got it.

There’s a veritable smorgasbord of portable power options, such as the BatteryBox MacBook & Mobile Device Charger, available with huge discounts at Cult of Mac Deals right now.

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We’re giving away a DJI Phantom 2! [Deals]


Do you yearn to soar majestically above the clouds? To rise above the masses and achieve new heights? No, you don’t need a pilots’ license — all you need is a drone.

Drones are a fun and easy way for anyone to take to the skies. You could win one of your very own with The DJI Phantom 2 Giveaway, offered for a short time only at Cult of Mac Deals.

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