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Last chance to get Dragon Dictate for Mac 4, the world’s #1 speech recognition software [Deals]

CoM_Dragon Dictate 4

“A keyboard? How quaint,” said Scotty, the USS Enterprise’s Chief Engineer, when it was suggested he use a keyboard instead of voicing commands to a computer. How quaint indeed.

Now, with Dragon Dictate for Mac 4, you can give your quaint keyboard a well deserved rest. Get this revolutionary software for your Mac at half price, just $99.99, at Cult of Mac Deals. This is your last chance to pick up this deal, so jump on this one now.

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Create killer iOS apps by learning iOS design and Xcode [Deals]


When constructing an iOS app, there’s so much more to consider than just the source code. Your app needs to be as user friendly as possible, which is where design skills come into play.

Now you can learn to bring both coding and design skills to the table with Design + Code: Learn iOS Design & Xcode at a savings of 66% for a limited time at Cult of Mac Deals.

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Tune into high-quality audio with Soundfreaq Double Spot and AIAIAI TMA-1 phones [Deals]


Your music is awesome, and awesome music deserves to be played using equipment designed to let the listener hear every guitar note, every percussive beat, and every lyric like it’s being played live in the room by the artists themselves.

Today, we feature two such high quality audio devices: The New Soundfreaq Double Spot, and the AIAIAI TMA-1 Pro Quality Headphones. Both are available at deeply discounted prices for a limited time at Cult of Mac Deals.

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Capture stunning HD video with the DJI Phantom FC40 [Deals]

CoM_Phantom FC40
Most of us take videos from time to time. You know, the kind of videos that are repeatedly taken from boring, ground based, vantage points. Wouldn’t it be great if you could have the freedom to take high definition videos from any angle or elevation?

Meet the DJI Phantom FC40 drone. Using its on-board Smart Camera, you can record just about any event from one stunning perspective after another. Now, the DJI Phantom FC40 can be yours for the very low price of $499 at Cult of Mac Deals. As an added bonus, use the promo code PHANTOM35 to get an additional $35 off!

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Save your neck from unnecessary strains with Rain Design’s iRest for iPad [Deals]

The iPad revolutionized the way we read books, surf the web, and use apps. As great as the iPad is, it can also be difficult to multitask with one, not to mention the hand and neck strain from holding your iPad for long periods of time. But now, the revolution can continue thanks to the iRest.

The iRest comfortably props up your iPad on a table, on your lap, or anywhere else you see fit, freeing your hands to do other things and saving your hands and neck from unnecessary strain. For a limited time, you can get the iRest at the discounted price of just $35.99 at Cult of Mac Deals.

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Best deals of the week: Resumonk, Flip PDF, Elite Keylogger, BT speaker, more [Deals]

There are hot deals on all kinds of software, services, and electronic gadgets available every day at Cult of Mac Deals.

Today we put the spotlight on a few of the best. Go to the Cult of Mac Deals page to check out all of the special, limited time offers.

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Ending soon: Cool offers on Dragon Dictate for Mac 4, Karma Go, LithiumCard [Deals]

CoM_Dragon Dictate 4

Awesome stuff is offered every day at Cult of Mac Deals. Things like exciting electronic gadgets and toys, software that will turn you into a productivity dynamo, and services that will give you more free time. Deals like these can’t hang around forever, though.

Today we put the spotlight on three incredible deals that will soon be riding off into the sunset. Many have already taken advantage of these bargains. Don’t get left out. Check out Dragon Dictate for Mac 4, the Karma Go mobile LTE hotspot, and the LithiumCard mobile power bank today.

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Giveaway madness: Win an iPhone 6, Canon DSLR or a multi-sync keyboard [Deals]

CoM_Epic iPhone 6 Giveaway

Cult of Mac Deals is all about bringing you killer gadgets, software, and services at deeply discounted prices. Sometimes, though, Cult of Mac Deals gives you an opportunity to get something awesome for absolutely nothing.

Today, you can enter to win an iPhone 6, a Canon DSLR, or a Multi-Sync Keyboard at Cult of Mac Deals. Don’t risk missing out on these. Entering is easy peasy.

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Protect yourself online with the VPN Unlimited Premium Plan [Deals]


If you’ve ever been hacked and had your identity stolen, then you already know the importance of protecting yourself online. If you haven’t been the victim of identity theft, don’t allow yourself to become one.

For a very limited time only, you can get 3 years of protection from online hackers with the VPN Unlimited Premium Plan at 70% off, just $19, at Cult of Mac Deals.

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Get a camera-equipped quadcopter drone for half price [Deals]

CoM_Extreme Micro Drone

If you’ve always wanted a camera equipped quadcopter but balked at their typically high prices, then you’ll want to keep reading.

For a limited time at Cult of Mac Deals you can get The Extreme Micro Drone 2.0, a fully functional, high tech, camera equipped quadcopter drone, for an unbeatable price of $74.99. That’s half off the regular price for this model!

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