Get 5 years of unlimited cloud backup for less than a dollar a month [Deals]

It's time to take control of your backups.
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Losing or breaking a phone can be seriously upsetting, especially when it means losing all the stuff you forgot to back up. G-Cloud’s app for iOS and Android makes it easy to back up all your devices’ files on Amazon’s super-secure AWS Cloud under a single account. This is easy and reliable cloud storage, with unlimited space for five years, and you can get it now for $29 at Cult of Mac Deals.

Easily edit any scanned documents with this power app [Deals]

Prizmo 3 makes editing scanned documents a snap.
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If you’ve ever had to edit a scanned document, you’ll know how time-consuming and painstaking this can be. And you’ll appreciate how easy the Prizmo 3 scanning app makes the process. Just download this app onto any image capturing device (a smartphone or camera, for instance), then quickly scan and edit any document to your heart’s content. You can currently get Prizmo 3 for just $29.99 through Cult of Mac Deals.

Snap underwater selfies with this waterproof camera [Deals]

Pocket-size and waterproof, the YoCam is ready for splashy summer fun.
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Cameras are just getting more versatile, and the YoCam is proof. It’s designed to work in any scenario you can imagine, from snapping selfies to setting up a security camera or filming underwater. It’s small but feature rich, and connects with a versatile app that will make this a great go-to camera, all for $179 at Cult of Mac Deals.

Best deals of the week: Bone-conductive headphones, Lytro’s Illum camera, and more [Deals]

iOS Coding Master
Get unbeatable deals on Lightning cables, cameras and more.
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This week’s best deals include some high tech goodies. From headphones that send sound straight into your skull, to invincible Lightning cables and the groundbreaking Lytro Illum, and a comprehensive education in iOS development. It’s a red letter week for deals, you should definitely check these out: