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Nikon Introduces A Pair Of Light-Shy Zoom Lenses

AFS Nikkor 24 85 VR

Zoom? Zzzzz.

Nikon has made two new lenses available for your photographic delectation. One is a dim superzoom for DX (crop-sensor) cameras — the 18-300mm ƒ3.5-5.6G ED — and the other is an equally dim short zoom for full-frame bodies, the 24-85mm ƒ3.5-4.5G ED VR.

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The Best Cameras [Best Of]

Ebst of camera

We know that you Cult of Mac readers are also a bunch of photo nerds, so we thought that this week’s best-of list could be about cameras. You’re iPhone might be great (and even makes it into this list) but sometimes you need something more powerful, more rugged or just plain better. Here’s our list of the best cameras out these.

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An iPhone Camera Conversion Case With a Diff-erence

Diff Lens Mount iphone case

Man, is the Diff case a neat little iPhone case. It starts out as a tough case with a tripod mount (Zzzzz) but quickly picks up thanks to a clever cover and a pro-level lens mount.

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Canon 650D Has Swinging Multi-Touch LCD Screen

EOS 650D FSL LCD OPEN w EF S 18 55mm

A capacitive touch-screen makes this EOS closer to a cellphone than ever

Canon has announced a brand new video-shooting DSLR, the EOS 650D. This freaks me out a little bit as I used to sell the EOS 650 to people as a part of my Saturday job in a camera store. The 650 was a 35mm SLR that Canon made from 1987 to 1989, and it was the company’s first auto-focus SLR.

Back to today. The 650D has all that you’d expect from a modern camera, plus a swing-out touch-sensitive LCD screen.

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Buy Your Own Google Street View Camera Kit

Diystreetview mini

Now you too can steal Wi-Fi info and skirt privacy issues.

Street View is fantastic. You can check out a hotel’s façade before you even book a room, you can walk down a street where you remember there was this awesome store, only you can’t remember its name, or you can wander through far-off cities.

Now, you can make your own Street Views, with this camera and software kit from DIY Streetview.

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Best Camera And Photo Accessories [Best Of]

Best of photo stuff

Photo accessories for iPhones and regular cameras.

Best Of Photo Accessories [Best Of]

We have noticed a big crossover between Apple users and camera geeks. And while the iPhone’s own camera continues to get better and better, your old SLR still has some life in it yet. And whatever you shoot with, there are accessories that can perk up your interest or let you catch an otherwise-impossible shot. These are the best of them.

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The New Sony DSC-RX100 Camera Offers A Large Sensor In A Compact Body

The New Sony DSC-RX100 Camera Offers A Large Sensor In A Compact Body

This week Sony unveiled a new camera designed to compete as a second camera for people who know about photography and have pro gear as well as for less-serious photographers who just want to take better pictures on a compact. According to Sony, the new DSC-RX100 is the most advanced camera in this line.

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SnapFocus Uses Bike Brake Levers To Focus Your SLR [Kickstarter]

SnapFocus is a clever camera gadget from Brandon David Cole. It’s a rig made from bike brake levers, cables and cogs, and it allows a single person to both operate a camera to shoot video, and to pull focus at the same time.

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Twig, An iPhone Cable That Doubles As A Tripod


Twig is your handy bendy iPhone cable.

I test a lot of gadgets, and so I inevitably have stacks of USB cables left over. I’m pretty sure that a geek like you also has more than his or her fair share of wires. But I’ll be that none of them is as handy as the Twig, a bendable, pose-able iPhone cable that doubles as a tripod.

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The Olympus TG-820 Is Ready To Adventure Where Your iPhone Can’t [Review]

The Olympus TG-820 Is Ready To Adventure Where Your iPhone Can’t [Review]

With the release of the iPhone 4S and its super incredible camera, point-and-shoots were supposed to be dead. What’s the point of buying a compact digital camera if it only takes photos that are the same, or slightly better than the iPhone in your pocket? For the most part, I think we’re right in saying that the point-and-shoot is destined to become a relic. However, there are certain exceptions to that rule.

I love my iPhone 4S so much that I don’t want to endanger its gorgeous glass body. I also love hiking in the summer and water activities, and even if I buy a military grade case for my iPhone, I still get scared when taking it on outdoor adventures. That’s where the Olympus TG-820 point-and-shoot comes in. It’s waterproof and shockproof, and ready to go where you’re too scared to take your iPhone.

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