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Experience Apple TV Like Never Before With aTV Flash [Deals]


The AppleTV is one of the most underappreciated pieces of technology around, but it can be limiting. If you’re anything like me, you want to get more out of the tech you love. So if you want to get the most out of your AppleTV then aTV Flash from Firecore is the way to go.

And the great news is that Cult of Mac Deals has it for just $19.99 during this limited time offer.

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How Apple Is Dressing Up Apple TV for Christmas


Updates on the French and German versions of suggest a new, replacement Apple TV coming the day after this week’s Apple announcement – just in time for Christmas.

The prospect of a shiny new Apple TV product makes everyone think of a radical new Apple TV box with crazy new user interface options, or an actual Apple TV set, both of which people have been predicting for years.

And then that Scrooge MG Siegler comes along to say he’s hearing that the Big Apple TV Update has been delayed, and that maybe there will be a minor update to the existing product.

Whether something grander has been delayed or not, I think TV will be the most interesting product at the Tuesday announcement — not because of hardware, but because of a new software interface and new deals I think Apple will announce.

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Why It’s Time for Apple to Open FaceTime


FaceTime just keeps getting better. The recent addition of audio calls in iOS 7 is great news, right? Well, sort of.

There are plenty of apps in the App Store that let you make calls over your data connection rather than through the carrier’s phone network.

FaceTime audio calls are great — something that Google+ Hangouts have had for a long time. (Hangouts actually lets you add a voice call to a group video Hangout.) They enable free international calls, for starters. The protocols underlying FaceTime enable high-quality audio calls.

More importantly, they give users one more reason to get into the FaceTime habit.

Unfortunately, FaceTime has a fatal flaw. It’s still — inexplicably — an exclusive phone system for Apple customers to call each other. What kind of phone system is that?

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Apple’s TV Won’t Be a TV


The people who believe Apple will sell a TV set are right. And the people who believe Apple won’t sell a TV set are also right. Here’s why.

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The Forgotten iOS Device: Why You Should Make Apps For Apple TV



Brad Smith wants to encourage developers to explore the final frontier: making apps for Apple TV.

Smith, director of engineering at RadiumOne, spoke at AltWWDC about facing the challenges for this new territory.

“I like to think of it as the forgotten iOS device,” Smith said, showing a slide of Tom Dickson, who has blended every device from the Cupertino company — with the exception of the Apple TV.

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No WWDC Ticket? You’re In Good Company At AltWWDC [Interview]

Full house: last year's inaugural AltWWDC.

Full house: last year’s inaugural AltWWDC.

How much interest is there in Apple’s World Wide Developer Conference?

Enough to stage an alternative free five-day conference with over 40 speakers and hands-on labs that WWDC attendees may want to check out for all the topics Apple isn’t likely to cover. For the second year running, AltWWDC will be hosting the have-nots (as in have no WWDC tickets) for a gathering cloned from the official conference.

Just a few blocks from Moscone Center at the San Francisco State downtown campus, devs from around the world will be hanging out and helping each other out. There will be a volunteer lab to tackle things like crash debugging as well as talks on game development and “marketing you won’t hate.”

Around 1,500 people have signed up, meaning, yeah, even free/freewheeling AltWWDC is technically “sold out.” No worries: if you don’t have a ticket, as long as there’s room to plant your laptop, you’re in.

Cult of Mac talked to Rob Elkin, a London-based software engineer and one of the four founders of AltWWDC about what constitutes an “alt” keynote breakfast, talks Apple doesn’t want you to hear  and sponsors.

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Media Streaming iOS App, QuikIO, Updates With Apple TV Support

Using QuickIO, an iOS app we reported on a couple of weeks back, you can stream your media from your Mac to your iOS device, be it an iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad.

Today, the app was updated to include support for streaming that very same media to your Apple TV.

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Apple To Make Hollywood an Offer It Can’t Refuse

Apple To Make Hollywood an Offer It Can’t Refuse

Speaking to NBC talking head Brian Williams this week, Apple CEO Tim Cook said: “When I go into my living room and turn on the TV, I feel like I have gone backwards in time by 20 to 30 years.”

Cook went on to upgrade Apple’s efforts in television from a “hobby” to “an area of intense interest.”

These cryptic comments support what Steve Jobs’s biographer, Walter Isaacson, told an interviewer, which is that Jobs said off the record that he wanted to “reinvent” TV, that Apple had “licked” the problems associated with said reinvention, and that Apple’s solution would liberate TV viewers once and for all from “all these complicated remote controls.”

If you want to tease predictive meaning out of these two Apple CEO statements, the key is in what each of them said and to whom and why. 

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What Apple Can Learn From Microsoft About TV

What Apple Can Learn From Microsoft About TV

Apple’s current “hobby” — also known as Apple TV — doesn’t tell us much about Apple’s future plans for the living room.

It’s a good product under the right circumstances. But five years from now, living rooms are going to be transformed by all-encompassing systems that turn TVs into video phones, gaming systems, home automation control centers and artificial intelligence assistants.

Does Apple have what it takes to compete in the living room? 

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Why Apple Could Still Own the Living Room of the Future

Why Apple Could Still Own the Living Room of the Future

Microsoft, Nintendo, Sony, Google and all the big-screen TV makers want to own the the all-purpose living room entertainment system of tomorrow.

Smart TV systems, which will incorporate movies-on-demand, gaming, web surfing, videoconferencing, home automation and more (even TV shows!) are likely to become the next big opportunity for content-driven platform companies.

But is time running out for Apple to make its move?

The surprising answer is: No, not really. Apple’s got plenty of time. And there’s no need for Apple to make a TV set, either.

Here’s why.

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