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You can now create Google Now reminders from


Google Now users can now use Google Search to create new reminders from their desktop. It’s as simple as visiting in your browser, and typing things like “remind me to call mom when I get home” into the search box.

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Google Play to rake in more cash than the App Store by 2018


While Android has a significantly larger user base, iOS has always been the more profitable platform for app developers. That’s expected to change over the next three years, however. One analyst believes that by 2018, Google Play will bring in more revenue than the App Store for the first time ever.

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European Commission praises Google, condemns Apple for in-app purchase policies


The European Commission has issued some words to Google and Apple about both companies’ steps to ensure children don’t rack up huge amounts of money on in-app purchases without their parents’ permission.

In a statement released by the Commission on Friday, Google is praised for a series of changes that will be put in effect by the end of September — while Apple finds itself on the receiving end of some harsh criticism.

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Google recruits world’s first iPhone jailbreaker to plug security holes


George Hotz, aka geohot, has joined Google’s dream team of hackers.

No name in the world of iPhone hacking looms larger thank George Hotz. At only 17 years old, Hotz, aka geohot, became the first person in the world to jailbreak the iPhone back in 2007. He also released a few jailbreaks and ended up in a legal battle with Sony after hacking the PS3, but now Hotz is taking his talents to the other side, by joining an elite team of security hackers at Google.

To help plug security holes in every major piece of software that touches the internet, Google has recruited an elite team of talented hackers called Project Zero. Their mission? Find as many zero day vulnerabilities as possible, and get paid a lot of cash in process.

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Amazon tests all-you-can-read Kindle subcription


Unlimited music streaming services are still struggling to make a profit, but Amazon is turning to its bread and butter for its next subscription service: Books.

Amazon is testing a new ebook and audiobook service that will give subscribers unlimited access to over 600,000 titles, according to spotting by Kindle Book forum users, but it won’t come with your Amazon Prime subscription.

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Rickroll any Chromecast-equipped TV with this tiny remote


The Rickrolling meme will never die, and if Dan Petro has his way, you may soon be able to drive down your neighborhood and rickroll every TV on the block in seconds.

After finding a vulnerability in Google’s Chromecast Wifi implementation, Dan Petro built a device for less than $100 out of a Raspberry Pi, a touchscreen, wireless cards and 3D-printed pastic case. It’s name: The Rickmote Controller. It’s superpower: Takes over any Chomecast-equipped TV within Wifi range and plays Rick Astley’s legendary “Never Gonna Give You up.”

Check out this video of the Rickmote in action:

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Meet Level, the premium audio lineup that cures Samsung’s Beats envy

Level Over White (2)

After Apple acquired Beats, it wasn’t going to be long before Samsung was selling expensive audio accessories of its own. Rather than buying an already well-established brand, however, the South Korean company has today launched its own. It’s called Level, and it currently boasts three sets of headphones and one good-looking wireless speaker.

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DoubleTwist’s Magic Radio service finally supports AirPlay streaming


Magic Radio, the music streaming from DoubleTwist that boasts more than 13 million tracks, finally supports AirPlay streaming thanks to a new update that’s available now in Google Play. The release also adds Qualcomm AllPlay integration, but strangely, support for the Google Chromecast is still missing.

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Samsung could be about to splash $200m on home automation startup SmartThings


While Google has Nest Labs and Apple has HomeKit, Samsung is reportedly looking to enter the home automation space by acquiring Internet of Things company SmartThings for $200 million, according to TechCrunch.

SmartThings is a home automation platform that allows users to connect devices such as lights or doorlocks to a system controlled by their smartphone. It has previously raised over $15 million from investors.

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The best mail client on mobile just got even better


CloudMagic, the best third-party email client for mobile, just got even better thanks to a major new update that’s available right now on Android and iOS. In addition to adding quick filters for things like unread and starred messages, the release brings customizable alert tones, account nicknames, access to spam folders, and lots more.

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