VLC Plays Just About Any Video File You Can Find [50 Mac Essentials #45]



Your Mac comes with QuickTime Player, which does a great job of playing a lot of video content. Lovely.

But if you spend a lot of time doing stuff with video, you’ll know there are times when QuickTime lets you down. There are formats it just won’t play, even if you have Perian installed (which was number 4 in our list of 50 Mac Essentials).

When those moments arise, VLC will come to your aid.

OmniOutliner: An Excellent All-Rounder For Writing, Research & More [50 Mac Essentials #44]



Some people can write prose with no apparent effort, seamlessly gliding from one paragraph to the next with nary a skip of a beat.

For the rest of us, an outliner can be an extremely useful tool for gathering, sorting and refining our thoughts: and OmniOutliner is one of the best outliners you can find.