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Bootable Backups Are Easier With Superduper [50 Mac Essentials #42]

Superduper for OS X

Every Mac sold since the launch of OS X 10.5 (Leopard) has had a copy of Apple’s backup software, Time Machine, included.

And thank goodness for that, because backups were the elephant in the computer industry’s room. Everyone knew it was essential to keep backups, and everyone knew that most people just didn’t bother.

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How To Ban Yourself From the Internet When You Need To Focus [50 Mac Essentials #41]

Self Control icon

Self Control is a tiny little app for people who just don’t have any. Self control, that is.

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Send Any Audio Anywhere In Your Home Using Airfoil [50 Mac Essentials #40]

Airfoil icon

Airfoil is just one of a list of fantastic audio apps from indie developers Rogue Amoeba.

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Keep Your Desktop Clean With, Erm, Clean [50 Mac Essentials #39]

Clean app settings

Does your Mac’s desktop look like this? Or like this? If so, you need help. More to the point, you need Clean.

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Bean: The Word Processor For Those Who Need Something Between TextEdit and Word [50 Mac Essentials #38]

Bean icon

Bean is one of OS X’s little treasures. It’s a lightweight rich text editor that’s nimble, fast and offers just a teeny tiny bit more than Apple’s own TextEdit. And does all this for free.

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Create Folder Structures in Seconds With This Free Mac App [50 Mac Essentials #37]

Structurer icon

Structurer is a clever free tool for rapidly creating file and folder trees without any messing about in Finder.

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Onyx Keeps Your System Clean And Tidy [50 Mac Essentials #36]

Onyx icon

Onyx is a free system maintenance tool for Mac OS X.

One of the nice things about Onyx is that it covers everything you can think of. It’s packed with tools that you might want to use often, plus some you might use only once in a blue moon. But they’re all there, in one place.

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Fluid Hits 1.0, Turns Websites Into Apps [50 Mac Essentials #35]

Fluid window

If you spend a lot of time using a lot of webapps, Fluid should be high on your list of software must-haves.

It’s been hovering in unofficial beta status for years now, but just this week got bumped to 1.0, and now comes in two flavors: free and paid. Either of them is well worth having.

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MarsEdit Makes Blogging Super-Simple [50 Mac Essentials #34]

MarsEdit icon

MarsEdit is the best blogging tool for OS X, bar none. If you do blogging for money or just for the love of it, MarsEdit is a dream come true for you. It will save you lots of hassle and hours of time.

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Archive Button Gives Mail Some Of That Gmail Magic [50 Mac Essentials #33]

Archive button for Mail

If you’ve ever used and loved the “Archive” function in Gmail or MobileMe, then found yourself missing it while using Apple’s own Mail application, this simple free plugin is a dream come true.

It’s an Archive button for Mail, and you can guess what it does. Instead of having to mess around with filing messages into folders, a single click will throw them into the archive. It even comes with its own ready-made keyboard shortcut (Command+Option+S), to make archiving even faster and easier.

When you need to find something specific, use Mail’s own search, which is quite up to the task of hunting through enormous archives (I’ve used Mail in this way, as a backup for my Gmail account, for years now).

If you need Mail to be a little more flexible, try Mail Act-On, which we mentioned back in number 8 in this series.

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