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Rumor Report: What to expect from the iPad Air 2

It’s hard to believe it’s only been four years since the reveal of the original iPad. Over the years the iPad has gone from “just a big iPhone” to becoming a common staple in the household, the office and everywhere in between. With four years behind us, four different iPad models and a new mini generation, this fall calls for yet another addition.

Take a look at today’s video where we rundown all the latest leaks, rumors, and other iPad Air 2 tidbits, to give you an early glimpse at the design, possible specs, and more.

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Rumor Report: What to expect from the Apple iWatch

While the iPhone 6 has sparked tons of speculation in the tech world, rumors regarding the alleged Apple smartwatch have as well. All the gossip and leaks about the long-rumored device, popularly referred to as the “iWatch,” have created big expectations for the company to meet.

In today’s video we take a look at all the rumors and get a good feeling of what an iWatch might look like when it’s revealed (possibly this October). If the reports are true, you’ll enjoy more than the average smartwatch as you track blood pressure, hold FaceTime calls and more, all on an amazing device that redefines wrist wear.

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How Google’s latest acquisition could kill the Apple rumor mill

CC-licensed via Wikipedia. Thanks Nadkachna.

CC-licensed via Wikipedia. Thanks Nadkachna.

Sooner rather than later, Google will be tracking your every move.

The Mountain View search colossus already knows whether you have the flu or are interested in dropping a few pounds, thanks to its mining of your search data and Gmail missives.

Thanks to Google’s recent bargain buy of tiny satellite company Skybox Imaging — a purchase that cost Google just $500 million, or 1/38 what Facebook shelled out for WhatsApp — by 2016, Google may be able to predict market-moving factors like consumer spending and oil prices.

That means Google might be able to foretell when you’ll be waiting in line for the latest iPhone.

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Get your quick fix of weekly tech news in Cult of Mac’s News Roundup

A week full of news has passed and your host Joshua Smith is here to give you a wrap-up on some of the biggest features. Warrants to search cell phones, leaked iPhone cases and the latest Snapchat update are among just some of the featured stories in today’s rundown. Take a look at the video and be sure to return next week for another.

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The Best Evidence Yet That A Gold iPhone Is Coming


It seems hard to believe that Apple would come out with a gaudy-looking iPhone, but according to the rumor mill, Apple is set to release the iPhone 5S in black, white and gold. We haven’t seen any convincing evidence of the gold iPhone yet, but if MacBoutic is to believed, these are the first leaked photographs of the golden iPhone 5S shells.

The Apple logo and the word “iPhone” have been deliberately blurred out, but it looks like the anodized coloring has been applied to all metallic parts — something that’s not possible in a post-production paint job, but doesn’t rule out the possibility of Photoshop.

Even though we can’t verify the authenticity of the photos, they’re the best evidence we’ve seen so far. We’ll have to wait until the iPhone event on September 10 to see how real it is.

The iPad Mini: Everything We Think We Know So Far [Rumor Roundup]

The iPad Mini: Everything We Think We Know So Far [Rumor Roundup]

Cult of Mac lays it all out: what you can expect for the new iPad mini.

Apple is expected to unveil a new, smaller iPad today, October 23rd, 2012, at 10AM ET/1PM PST, with a launch of the device expected for sale on November 2. Invites to the event were sent out last week

This is the most anticipated iPad release yet, bringing the apples-and-oranges competition between Amazon’s Kindle Fire and the newly-releaced Google Nexus 7 to a boil just in time for the holiday gift-giving season of 2012. We’re all extremely excited to see what this heavily rumored new form factor will bring to the table, and how Apple will position the device in its already spectacularly successful line of iOS devices.

The iPad 2 was announced in March of 2011, with the new iPad (not the iPad 3, as we all assumed) was revealed in March of 2012. The iPad 2 broke the thinness barrier of the iPad one, and brought faster CPU and graphics enhancements, while the iPad 3 upped the ante to Retina-quality resolution and a faster, warmer CPU.

What will the iPad mini do to convince us all we need yet one more of Cupertino’s magical devices in our households? In this Cult of Mac rumor roundup, we’ll examine everything we think we know about the iPad Mini.

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The iPad Mini Apple Event May Focus More On iBooks [Rumor]

The iPad Mini Apple Event May Focus More On iBooks [Rumor]

I still want to call this the iPad Air.

As you know, the upcoming media event for Apple’s smaller, thinner, and less expensive tablet, the as-yet-named iPad Air iPad mini, is being widely reported as happening on October 23,2012.

While the invites haven’t gone out yet, we’re seeing a rumor that the event will focus on iBooks, which makes a ton of sense considering that a smaller iPad is in the same market category as a device like the Amazon Kindle Fire, which is kind of like a souped-up eReader, with media consumption its main purpose, at least from Amazon’s perspective.

While this seems like a plausible rumor, I’m not ready to fully embrace it yet.

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A Dearth Of Mac Minis Could Point To Hardware Refresh [Rumor]

A Dearth Of Mac Minis Could Point To Hardware Refresh [Rumor]

Quite a few resellers of Apple’s Mac Mini computer are currently out of stock of the diminutive desktop Mac, potentially signaling a potential hardware refresh. Amazon, MacConnection, Mac Mall, and J&R retailers are all reported to not have any more Mac minis of the 2.3 GHz or 2.5GHz persuasion, according to Apple Insider.

German Mac blog, Macerkopf, also noted today that Mini supplies are running out in its country, as well.

Could this be the front wave of a potential new hardware refresh of the Mini, perhaps to the new Ivy Bridge chipset?

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Is Apple Haunted?

Is Apple Haunted?

Trip Chowdhry, the Managing Director of Equity Research at Global Equities Research, told a financial writer a few months ago that Apple’s biggest challenge without founder Steve Jobs is that Apple lacks a “unified force.” In order to become unified again, Apple would need a “supernatural person” overseeing things.

But according to Thai Buddhists, they may have exactly that — the reincarnated spirit of Steve Jobs himself, who they say is living in a “mystical glass palace hovering above his old office at Apple’s Cupertino, California headquarters,” according to The Wall Street Journal.

I’ll tell you in this post more about Jobs’ so-called reincarnation, and also about several ghosts caught haunting various Apple products. (And I’m not talking about problems with the MacBook Pro Retina screens.)

Here’s all the spooky stuff that’s going on. 

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Leaked Specs Point To Three New Mac Pros, Spec-Bumped 13 And 15-Inch MacBook Pros

Overview hero20110811

The MacBook Pro might not be going anywhere just yet.

Apple rumor site 9to5 Mac says it has gotten its hands on the entire spec sheet for the Macs expected to be announced today. There will be a a pair of new desktop Mac Pros, along with a server version.

The site also claims that the current 13 and 15-inch MacBook Pros will get a spec bump, and that there will be a new Retina-display 15-inch model.

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