Learn To Design Bundle Is Like Design School In A Box [Deals]



I write about courses and education a lot here. Video training courses are pretty popular items to offer. We all know that we need to hone our current skills and pick up new ones in today’s knowledge economy. This course bundle—I just read through the course offerings again—is like going to design school for $100.

Seriously. It’s all there. Sure you might be more interested in making WP themes with Dreamweaver and creating logos (first 1000 buyers only get that bonus!) or maybe InDesign and Illustrator, but the point is that you can now pick up the skills you need in the core apps that creative folks use all the timeLearn To Design Bundle.

BodyGuardz Lyrics Premium Earbuds: Great Comfort At A Great Price



We have another pair of BodyGuardz earbuds for you check out today—Premium Lyrics Earbuds From BodyGuardz (Black): The Precision-Crafted Surfaces Will Make You Forget They Are Even in Your Ears—I mean it's not like there is any other news or anything, right?

These earbuds are supposed to be so light and comfortable that you will either a) forget you have them on (I've done that, which is why my MacBook Pro headphone jack is skewed) or b) just want to wear them all the time. Now I can believe “a”, but “b” might just look strange. Regardless…

375 Professional Backgrounds And Textures for $29 [Deal Ending]



Raise your hand if you’ve needed a background image or texture for a project and been pretty much SOL. Yeah, me too. A few times I’ve wandered about with my camera and found some cool textures I could use, but you know if it’s the middle of the night or you don’t have time to wander around with a camera, what then?

The “what then” is having textures and backgrounds on hand to use. Websites, apps, presentations, Twitter, whatever I think we need backgrounds more than ever now. Now with 375 textures to pick from, I bet you’ll find something you like—The Professional’s High-Resolution Textures Bundle: Take Your Designs to the Next Level with 375 Stunning Textures.

Get Custom Stickers For Your App, Startup, or Project [Deals]



There was a time, not so long ago, that every laptop I owned as adorned with stickers from various Web 2.0 companies. And when I mean “adorned” I mean covered. Like every square inch of the lid. It was a “thing” a few years ago and it certainly made it easy to spot me and my laptop in a crowded conference room.

Times have changed and I only have two stickers on my MacBook—WordPress and Iron Man—however I still dig stickers for branding and giveaways. The question that I’ve always faced is where to get stickers, custom stickers, at a good price (and usually the last minute)…looks like I might have an answer—Create Custom Logo Stickers & Decals With StickerYou ($25 For $50): Get $50 Worth of StickerYou Credit For Only $25.

Pick A Side And Conquer In An Immersive Strategy Game [Deals]


making history640

Prepare to conquer the world! No, this isn’t a call to arms from an evil genius, it’s more like Risk, on steroids—Rule The World With Making History II: Prepare For The Ultimate Grand Strategy Experience With This Fun Mac Game.

My father-in-law is really into these games. He spends hours researching and playing strategy games on his PC. I don’t know what my mother-in-law thinks of all this virtual carnage and destruction, but I think it’s pretty cool. If my father-in-law had a Mac (he does have an iPad), I’d get him this game for his birthday (since it’s next week) because it looks freakin’ cool.