LifePrint makes your boring iPhone photos come to life

Robert Macauley shows off LifePrint, his app for bringing all your pictures to life.
Robert Macauley shows off LifePrint, his printer and app for bringing your pictures to life.
Photo: Traci Dauphin/Cult of Mac

SAN FRANCISCO — The idea for Robert Macauley’s “photographs for the new millennium” sprang from a camera that is totally 20th century.

“What if you could create a Polaroid experience for your phone?” Macauley said as he showed off a prototype of LifePrint, his pint-size printer that works with an augmented-reality app. LifePrint lets you print out Polaroid-size images that, when viewed through the app, can come to life on your smartphone screen.

Fitness models are the new booth babes at CES


CES's booth babes have been replaced by toned fitness models.
CES's booth babes have been replaced by toned fitness models.
Photo: Traci Dauphin / Cult of Mac

Cult of Mac CES 2016 full coverage LAS VEGAS — Booth babes have returned to CES — in the guise of fitness models.

Following complaints the last few years, the giant electronics show here in Vegas had been moving away from scantily clad sirens employed to draw inquisitive eyes to exhibitor booths.

But they’ve been replaced by a new type of eye candy: super-fit women showing off the latest health products or demonstrating fitness gear.

Screw the Apple Watch. This is the most personal device ever.


vSculpt really is an intimate device.
Photo: Traci Dauphin/Cult of Mac

Cult of Mac CES 2016 full coverage Navigating the many health devices on the CES show floor, I came across the vSculpt booth and stopped dead in my tracks. Mainly because it looked like a sex toy and they were giving away red panties (best swag ever).

But what I assumed was just a basic vibrator is actually a medical device used for vaginal rejuvenation therapy.

This simple plug-in device makes your dumb smoke detector smart


When your standard smoke or carbon monoxide detector starts shrieking, the Leeo Smart Alert leaps into action.
Photo:Traci Dauphin

Cult of Mac CES 2016 full coverage If you’ve ever lived through a house fire, you know how devastating it can be. The fear of fire leaves many homeowners anxious, especially when they are away from home. The Leeo Smart Alert is here to save the day.

Evil alarm clock tricks you out of bed with food smells


Wake up and smell the ... whatever.
Photo: Sensorwake

Cult of Mac CES 2016 full coverage LAS VEGAS — There was a whole lot of sniffing going on at the Sensorwake booth here at CES Unveiled. The first olfactory alarm clock promises a kinder, gentler start to mornings, using scents instead of noise to wake up sleepyheads.

The quirky gadget couldn’t be any simpler: Set the alarm and wake up to one of six dry-air infused cartridges. Sensorwake is similar to a Glade Plugin but with cooler scents. It’s made by a French company, so it pumps out crazy European aromas.