“Bump” Track Info to Friends with Rhythmic for iPhone


Rhythmic for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad on the iTunes App Store

Free Radical Software has just released Rhythmic for iPhone and iPod Touch. Rhythmic allows one user to transfer song information, including relevant song data and cover art, from their device to another with the same technology used to transfer contacts in the popular iPhone app Bump.

Once a track is Bumped, the recipient can choose to download the track from iTunes.

I could see this app working well at iPod nights at your local beverage dispensing establishment. Can you think of other instances when this might come in handy? I can’t. I’m also weary of the negative comments in the App Store. Fun idea, though.

Bill Maher on Next US President: “America Needs… Jobs. Steve Jobs.”



Bill Maher might be on to something. The politicomedian made a bold statement last night that suggested Steve Jobs (aka Sven Jorbs) should make a run for the Oval Office.

Last week, President Obama admitted to being technologically challenged. Maher, noting that the President’s historic run for office was fueled primarily by social networking, refused to take Barry’s ignorance as adorable. Video and transcript after the jump.

Todo for iPad Released, Half Price for a Limited Time



The Todo app for the iPad was released recently, and to celebrate Appigo is offering this gorgeous little piece of productivity for $4.99; 50% off of its everyday $9.99 price tag.

About Todo:

Todo is a powerful set of tools that makes task management simple and fun. Use Todo on your iPad or iPhone alone or synchronize your tasks to your desktop (iCal or Outlook) using Appigo Sync (free download) or to the web using the popular online todo list Toodledo. Todo helps you focus on what matters most and allows you to integrate the Getting Things Done (GTD) methodology or your own.

Appigo has noted that future updates to Todo for iPad are free.

Charge Your iPad with Quickerteck’s Foldable Solar Panel


solar panel for apple ipad

Quickerteck has done it again! First they brought us a charge monitor for the iPad that indicates if you’re getting enough juice to charge your pad. Now they’ve brought us a 10 watt foldable solar panel for the iPad that comes with the aforementioned charge monitor.

Quickerteck states that the panels will charge your iPad as fast as using a wall charger and they can be yours for a cool $250.

The name of the product is the best part: Apple Juicz.

My questions to you: Would you use this? Is it reasonably priced?

Bluebox Ai: In-Flight Entertainment coming to iPad



It looks like in-flight entertainment will become a little less annoying in July 2010.

Bluebox Avionics has announced its Ai IFE  which “leverages the power, flexibility and quality of the most advanced consumer device ever produced” (apprently that’s the iPad). Flight attendants would either pass out iPads or chain them to your tray tables and you could enjoy a Airline specific iPad experience  thanks to Bluebox’s proprietary security solution and custom apps.

I’m not sure how practical this is, but it would be nice to move away from the seat-back touchscreens with the hidden credit card swiper.

[via Engadget]