Act now to lock in the best price for your iPhone trade-in


The iPhone 6s is Apple's best smartphone yet. But is it worth the upgrade?
If you're upgrading to iPhone 7, now is the time to secure the best possible price for your old iPhone trade-in.
Photo: Jim Merithew/Cult of Mac

With the new iPhone coming up fast, excitement abounds for Apple lovers. However, one downside of next week’s iPhone 7 event is the impending drop in value of your old Apple devices.

Every year, newer models push older iPhones, iPads and MacBooks further and further down the path to obsolescence. But there’s good news: Cult of Mac will still buy your old devices. And we’ll help you maximize the money you get for your iPhone trade-in, too.

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How much does in-house app development really cost?


How much does in-house app development really cost?
Putting a price tag on in-house app development can be tricky.
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Working with Windows files on a Mac has never been easier


NTFS for Mac
Why is it so difficult to work with Windows files on a Mac? It doesn't have to be!
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Now is a great time to sell your old MacBook


man-person-hands-coffee (1)
This guy spilled his coffee and then sold us his laptop....
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You can still make money off your aging MacBook. Yeah, even those dusty old white ones from 2008. The Cult of Mac Buyback program will pay you cash for your Apple laptop, whether it’s the newest 15-inch MacBook Pro or a clunker you haven’t touched in five years.

With new MacBook Pro models likely coming soon, it’s a great time to clear out old gear and pad your bank account so you can afford an upgrade.