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Allan Blocker Allan Blocker is the lead editor at StackSocial;, an e-commerce platform offering flash sales on digital tools, web apps, and tech gear. He sleeps, breathes, and would probably eat Mac apps if it was at all possible. Follow Allan on Twitter @allanblocker.

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Want to learn a new language? Save big with Rosetta Stone coupon [Deals]

CoM_Rosetta Stone
We’ve all been there: Losing an opportunity to meet someone new socially or in business because we don’t speak the same language as that person. These days it happens more and more often and, as we become more multi-national, the frequency will only increase. Just think how many opportunities for social and business success are squandered because we don’t know someone else’s language.

Now you can stop missing those opportunities and start learning a new language today. Get up to $270 off, with a coupon, on select Rosetta Stone language sets at Cult of Mac Deals now.

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Learn to make awesome websites with OSTraining [Deals]

No matter what kind of business you are in, it pays to have a well constructed website. Well constructed websites are designed using content management systems like WordPress and and Drupal and consider important things like search engine optimization and web security.

For a limited time, you can learn how to design websites like a pro with OSTraining: Lifetime Training To Become An Expert Web Developer for 96% off the regular price, just $79, at Cult of Mac Deals.

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For a limited time you can name your own price on the Front End Master Bundle [Deals]

Cult of Mac Deals has put together a package of 7 terrific courses that can teach you the skills to be a master web developer. With this package, anyone can learn how to build an awesome web page using the latest web development techniques.

The best part is this package, valued at over $1000, is that it’s available for whatever you want to pay. That’s right, Cult of Mac Deals presents The Name Your Own Price Front End Master Bundle. Simply pay what you want and, if you beat the average price of all packages sold, you get all 7 of these amazing courses!

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Maximize your sales with The Ultimate Design Course To Increase User Engagement [Deals]

Marketing can be a risky business. Getting top conversion rates would be much easier if you could read the minds of your audience and almost will them to take action. That’s what The Ultimate Design Course To Increase User Engagement is all about.

The Ultimate Design Course To Increase User Engagement teaches you how to use psychology to maximize audience engagement. What does your audience fear? What do they love? What motivates them to take action? Right now, you can get this vital marketing knowledge for 91% off at Cult of Mac Deals, but only for a limited time.

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Best deals of the week: Sensordrone, The KICK, TwistedWave, Adobe training, and more! [Deals]

Another week of amazing deals is in the books, so we are highlighting some of the best to make sure you don’t miss out.

Unbelievably low prices can be had on The Productive Design Mac Bundle, The Sensordrone Bluetooth Sensor, over 5000 Adobe training videos, Twisted Wave, and The Kick. Do yourself a favor and check them out now.

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Measure gases, light, heat and much more with the Sensordrone Bluetooth Sensor [Deals]


In Star Trek, the crew of the Enterprise would routinely beam down to a planet, pull out their trusty tricorders and scan the environment for a multitude of different things, like gas levels and air quality.

Now you can have something like a tricorder for yourself. The Sensordrone Bluetooth Sensor has 11 sensors packed into a tiny housing that collects real data on your surroundings, and it’s available at Cult of Mac Deals for only $149.

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Freebie Friday: Bitdefender, Arise, Bigstock, Skillfeed, and more! [Deals]


It’s Freebie Friday and that means that you can get a treasure trove of useful stuff for, you guessed it, free.

To download a Freebie, all you have to do is create an account at the Cult of Mac Deals store (that is, if you haven’t already). Then, follow Cult of Mac on either Twitter or Facebook, and share the deal on the social media network of your choice. It really is that easy. Read on to see what Cult of Mac Deals has in store today.

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Last chance to keep your Mac running smoothly with Techtool Pro 7 and Checkmate [Deals]

You already know that your Mac computer is one of the best designed machines on the market. Even the best machines, though, can fall victim to a variety of problems, either on the software or hardware side of things.

Keep your Mac in peak condition with Techtool Pro 7 and Checkmate. Both would normally cost you around $125 but, for only a little while longer, you can get them together in one sweet package for $49.99 at Cult of Mac Deals.

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Get over $900 worth of creative software with The Productive Design Mac Bundle [Deals]

If you work and play in creative environments, you already know that design software can be pretty darned expensive. Still, if you want to be the best designer you can be, you’re going to need that software, so you have no choice but to shell out a boat load of cash. If that sounds like you, then you’ll be ecstatic to learn that you can get over $900 worth of awesome creative programs for your Mac at a whopping 95% off.

Yep, The Productive Design Mac Bundle gives you 7 amazing programs that allow you to design killer animation, make 3D art, and more for the unbeatably low price of $39.99, available for a limited time at Cult of Mac Deals.

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Last chance to get an amazing price on The GripGo and NoteBook 4 [Deals]


Now is your last chance to take advantage of two amazing offers: The GripGo Universal Car Mount to make your travels safer while keeping the communication lines open; and NoteBook 4, the ultimate note-taking and organizing software.

Both are available now, but not for much longer, at Cult of Mac Deals. Read on for more information about both of these incredible offers.

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