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Luke Dormehl Luke Dormehl is a UK-based journalist and author, with a background working in documentary film for Channel 4 and the BBC. He is the author of The Formula: How Algorithms Solve All Our Problems, And Create More and The Apple Revolution, both published by Penguin/Random House. His tech writing has also appeared in Wired, Fast Company, Techmeme, and other publications. He'd like you a lot if you followed him on Twitter.

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Relive the Apple Watch keynote as an hilarious musical

We’ve had a couple of days to let the massive announcements of Apple’s September 9 keynote sink in, but if you want to relive the event you might want to check out this new video from Jonathan Mann.

Who is Jonathan Mann, you may ask? The brilliant YouTube musician who created the celebrated Mario Opera close to a decade ago is the answer. An unabashed Apple fan, Mann was previously responsible for composing the iPhone Antenna song which Steve Jobs publicly danced to, and earlier this year composed a great WWDC ear worm which is still rattling around my brain months later.

Following Apple’s Tuesday keynote Mann is back in Apple territory with a new musical tour-de-force entitled “Apple Watch: The Musical,” which somehow manages to compress Apple’s entire Tuesday event into just 3 minutes and 13 seconds.

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Apple Pay will make impulse buys even easier

Apple Pay's ease of use may lead to increased impulse buying -- and that's exactly what Apple's hoping for.

Apple Pay’s ease of use may lead to increased impulse buying — and that’s exactly what Apple’s hoping for.

More and more retailers are already using NFC terminals, but there is an additional reason why those without them might want to hurry up and get onboard: because Apple Pay could lead to more impulse purchases.

That at least seems to be the rationale of Walt Disney World, according to a new report.

A partnership with Walt Disney World was announced on Tuesday, and as per About.com theme park expert Arthur Levine, Disney is convinced it’s going to prove a great way of upping the amount customers will spend.

“It is surely hoping that by giving visitors the ability to use its cash-less system anywhere across the Disney World campus, they will increase spending, especially on impulse purchases,” Levine says.

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Apple Watch gets trademarked in Europe

Picture: Apple

Picture: Apple

While the rest of us were celebrating the unveiling of Apple’s much-anticipated smart watch on Tuesday, Apple’s European legal team was busy rushing to file six trademark applications for the name “Apple Watch.”

Of these applications, four featured the Apple logo in front of the word “Watch,” while the other two referred to the two words “Apple Watch.”

Apple’s legal firm filed the trademarks under a total of 11 International Classes for protection and clarification, covering areas including financial transactions, fitness and wellness sensors, and more.

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Steve Jobs wouldn’t let his kids become iOS addicts

Steve Jobs presided over some memorable announcements during his time at Apple. (Picture: Flickr)

Photo: Ben Stanfield/Flickr CC

Being Steve Jobs’ son or daughter would surely mean a never-ending supply of new high-tech devices to play around with, right?

Not according to a New York Times article by Nick Bilton, who claims that Jobs set out to purposely limit the amount of time his kids spent using their iPhones and other gadgets — even going so far as to stop them using Apple’s latest must have-devices altogether.

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Apple delivers its 18-karat gold Watch in a jewelry box charger

Picture: Apple

Picture: Apple

Apple started introducing gold variants of its devices with the “champagne” iPhone 5s in 2013. Given the unexpected popularity of that device, it was only natural that Apple would keep the color scheme going for future devices — which now includes the Apple Watch, as unveiled yesterday.

While Tim Cook didn’t dwell on too many details regarding the individual Apple Watch models during his keynote, technology journalist David Pogue does have some additional information about the 18-karat gold Edition variant of the Apple Watch, which he claims will come in a “gorgeous jewelry box” that doubles as a charger.

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Apple chip maker enjoys record revenues thanks to iPhone 6

Apple suppliers are enjoying huge revenue boosts thanks to the iPhone 6

Apple suppliers are enjoying huge revenue boosts thanks to the iPhone 6

Thanks to its work on the iPhone 6, Apple supplier Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) has announced record high revenues for August – representing an earnings increase of 6.7 percent from last month and a leap of 25.8 percent from the previous year.

TSMC made a massive $2.31 billion in August, with the phenomenal performance being credited to the company’s production of A8 processors for the iPhone 6-series of handsets – in addition to other chips such as Touch ID fingerprint sensors.

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Legendary RPG Baldur’s Gate finally makes the journey to iPhone

If you send me an email and don't hear back, this is the reason.

If you send me an email and don’t hear back, this is the reason.

Baldur’s Gate is one of the all-time classic RPGs, and while it’s iOS Enhanced Edition has been available on iPad since late 2012, up until now iPhone gamers have been left out in the cold.

That’s changed thanks to a new update which adds iPhone support, meaning that we can finally play this epic fantasy game on the move.

But wait, you might say, Baldur’s Gate was already a challenging read on the iPad mini. How on earth is it possible to play on an iPhone? Well, developers Bioware have thought of that too, since they’ve added a new “Font Size” option, which makes the game easier to view on smaller iOS devices.

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Apple’s awesome new devices couldn’t prevent a $30bn dip in market cap

The stock price Apple doesn't deserve. (Picture: The Dark Knight)

The stock price Apple doesn’t deserve. (Picture: The Dark Knight)

Work on the Apple Watch might have seen Apple’s R&D spending hit $4.36 billion over the past financial year, but that’s a drop in the ocean compared to the amount the wearables device cost Apple yesterday.

After AAPL stock prices hit a high of $102.91 prior to Apple’s special event kicking off, prices tumbled back down to $97.99 by the end of trading: wiping $30 billion off Apple’s market value.

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Jony Ive gushes over the ‘millions’ of Apple Watch combinations

Picture: ABC News

Picture: ABC News

Jony Ive shared a bit of insight into the design process behind the Apple Watch during his interview with ABC News, following Tuesday’s keynote.

With Tim Cook looking on, Ive described how his team “worked extremely hard to make an object that, one, would be extremely desirable, but would also be personal because we don’t all want to wear the same watch.”

When asked how many Apple Watch variations will be available, Ive claimed that there are “millions and millions” of different configurations available, taking into account the different combinations that are possible.

“There are different materials for the actual case, there’s two different sizes, you can choose one of six different straps or bands,” he says, in addition to noting the different watch faces that can be chosen within the UI.

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Apple gets a cut of every Apple Pay purchase you make

Apple Pay

Apple Pay will replace your wallet, as well as giving Cupertino an iTunes-like slice of every sale.

Apple might be a hardware first company which creates software only to drive sales of its physical devices, but that doesn’t mean it can’t earn a bit of money from its services, right?

According to a new Bloomberg report, Apple will earn a fee every time its newly-announced Apple Pay service is used to make a purchase.

The deals were reportedly brokered by Apple with each bank individually and will give Apple a sizeable share of the $40 billion generated by banks each year from so-called swipe fees for credit card payments. JPMorgan, Bank of America and Citigroup have not yet disclosed the terms of the deal.

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