Apple Music exec leaves unexpectedly


Harsh terms, but probably not illegal.
The beat goes on, but one of Apple Music's key execs won't be part of it.
Photo: Jim Merithew/Cult of Mac

In a surprising move, Apple Music senior director Ian Rogers has left Apple — just two months after the new streaming service was launched.

Rogers was key in shaping Apple’s online radio strategy, leading to the launch of Beats 1. Prior to joining Apple in August 2014, he worked as CEO at Beats Music.

Apple Music brings the Latin groove with new partners


Less playlist, more olé-list, amirite? Sorry about that.
Photo: Jim Merithew/Cult of Mac

Apple has signed a deal with Latin American “cultural outlet” Remezcla to create playlists for Apple Music.

The company, which began as a Latino events guide for New York, specializes in Latin America’s musical “new wave.” It regularly produces content for brands and festivals eager to reach young Latino audiences — something Apple is more than keen to do with its new streaming music service.

Premiership soccer player faked injury to grab the latest iPhone


Would you take a dive for a brand new iPhone?
Photo: top2best

Anyone who has ever watched a soccer game knows that players will take a dive for any possible strategic advantage. But what about to get their hands on the latest iPhone?

According to a new report, the answer is a resounding yes. Highly-paid Liverpool striker Mario Balotelli — a man known for his erratic behavior — is said to have feigned an injury during a training game in 2014 so as to get hold of Apple’s latest handset.

Future EarPods could benefit from bone-conduction noise cancellation


Apple's new headphones would block out unwanted noise.
Apple is working on cutting-edge noise cancellation tech.
Photo: USPTO/Apple

Apple’s EarPods could be about to get much smarter, thanks to a newly-published patent application which describes how a wireless headset could use sensors to determine which sound data to pass along to a listener.

Check out the details below.

Get your first look at the iPhone 6s Plus packaging


iPhone 6s is on the way.
The iPhone 6s is on its way.
Photo: Jim Merithew/Cult of Mac

We’ve had various glimpses of the iPhone 6s itself, but until now we’ve not seen the beautiful, crisp white packaging it will come in.

That (may have) changed, with a new leaked photo appearing to show the box for the phablet-size iPhone 6s Plus. Like the next-gen iPhone itself, the box doesn’t differ substantially from the design of its predecessor, although the packaging does feature a few revealing details.

Check it out below: