Today in Apple history: The confidential plan to save the Macintosh


Remember the plans to license Mac OS?
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August 30August 30, 1990: Dan Eilers, Apple’s then-VP strategy and corporate development, sends a 112-page confidential memo to Apple management, in which he lays out what Apple needs to do with the Mac division in order to remain a marketplace contender.

His suggestions? That Apple choose between licensing its Mac OS, licensing both its OS and hardware, creating a spinoff brand for the Macintosh, or starting a new company to combat the threat of Windows, codenamed “Macrosoft.”

25-year-old deal led to Apple’s tax bill from hell


Apple has been one of the biggest employers in Cork since the 1980s.
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Apple landing Europe’s biggest tax bill in history may be hot news today, but the tax arrangement behind it dates back 25 years.

In 1991, eleven years after Apple first opened its Ireland office, it came to a favorable arrangement with the Irish government — at a time when Apple’s market share had collapsed, but it was still one of the biggest employers in Ireland.

Apple gets an unexpected €13 billion tax bill


Apple just got landed with the tax bill from hell.
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The verdict’s in on Apple’s European tax investigation, and the company has been handed a massive 13 billion euros ($14.52 billion) bill for unpaid back taxes in the Republic of Ireland.

The order was made by European Union competition officials, who ruled that Apple was taking advantage of illegal state aid that allowed the company to route profits through Ireland.

Today in Apple history: Steve Jobs embroiled in stock ‘backdating’ scandal


It took 20 pounds of personal computing artifacts to form the face of Steve Jobs.
Steve Jobs' stock demands changed some people's view of the tech innovator.
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August 29August 29, 2001: An Apple board meeting takes place, during which Steve Jobs is awarded new stock options which become part of a big “backdating” scandal several years later.

When the matter makes court, Apple’s former general counsel pays $2.2 to settle the charges that she had backdated stock options for Jobs, herself and others — as well as creating fake paperwork to hide this fact.

Borsch, Space Marshals 2, and other awesome apps of the week


If you're appy and you know it, check our list!
If you're appy and you know it, check our list!
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