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Luke DormehlLuke Dormehl is a UK-based journalist and author, with a background working in documentary film for Channel 4 and the BBC. He is the author of The Formula: How Algorithms Solve All Our Problems, And Create More and The Apple Revolution, both published by Penguin/Random House. His tech writing has also appeared in Wired, Fast Company, Techmeme, and other publications. He'd like you a lot if you followed him on Twitter.

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This nifty screen protector adds an Android-style ‘back’ button to your iPhone 6

This is the Halo Back. Them other boys don't know how to act.

This is the Halo Back. Them other boys don’t know how to act.

There is plenty that former Android-users won’t miss if they make the jump to iOS, but one thing they might is the iPhone’s lack of an Android-style “back” button — the result of Steve Jobs’ belief that everything about the iPhone be as uncluttered as possible.

A new Kickstarter project gives you back this feature, however, thanks to a “smart” screen protector which adds just such a button to your iPhone 6 or 6 Plus home screen.

And based on the fact that it’s already been funded more than six times over, we’re assuming it’s something a number of users would really, really like to get their hands on. Literally.

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Meet the man charged with keeping Apple’s gear easy to use

The Apple Watch interface was overseen by Alan Dye.

The Apple Watch interface was overseen by Alan Dye.

The man charged with keeping Apple user interfaces looking and working beautifully made his bones by suggesting hand-painted boxes for the original iPhone.

That’s just one shimmery detail from the resume of Alan Dye, Apple’s new vice president of user interface design. Here’s everything else you need to know about the man taking over from Jony Ive when it comes to the day-to-day running of all things UI.

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iPhone 6s may use smaller LED backlighting chips for thinner design

The iPhone 6s could be slimmer than ever.

The iPhone 6s could be slimmer than ever.

Apple could make its upcoming iPhone 6s handsets slimmer and lighter than ever by taking advantage of new smaller LED backlighting chips, according to a new report.

The new chips have the same 3.0 x 0.85mm dimensions as those used in present generation iPhones, but are an impressive 0.2mm thinner than the current 0.6mm components.

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Apple’s new ‘Spaceship’ HQ could have been called the Steve Jobs Campus

What the finished product will look like.

The Steve Jobs Campus?

If Apple’s former CEO had been more sentimental, we’d be referring to the company’s upcoming “Spaceship” headquarters as the Steve Jobs campus, according to an interesting tidbit in Stephen Fry’s Telegraph article about Jony Ive’s promotion.

While being given a tour of the rapidly advancing Apple Campus 2 site, Fry suggested it should be named after Jobs, who died in 2011 but was heavily involved with the early stages of planning.

“Oh, Steve made his views on that very clear,” said Tim Cook — hinting that the idea was discussed, but that Jobs wasn’t a massive fan of it.

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Chip makers are already scrambling over Apple’s A10 processor


The A10 race is on!

The first Apple devices to boast A9 chips aren’t even out yet, and already manufacturers are fighting it out to get a piece of the next-next-gen A10 order action — which are likely to make their debut with the iPhone 7 in 2016.

Having come dangerously close to losing out on A9 orders entirely, TSMC is reportedly wasting no time in investing in the right equipment to wow Apple into handing over its order book for the A10 chips.

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Jony Ive will have an even bigger influence over Apple’s image in new design role

Alan Dye, Jony Ive, and Richard Howarth.

Alan Dye, Jony Ive, and Richard Howarth.

Jony Ive received a nice gift for the Memorial Day weekend: a promotion to the role of Chief Design Officer at Apple, which will broaden his design duties at Apple while handing day-to-day running of the design team to long-time Apple employees Alan Dye and Richard Howarth.

Congrats, Jony!

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iPhone 6s camera could use Sony tech for improved low-light snapping

A 12MP camera would be a major step-up for the iPhone.

A 12MP camera would be a major step-up for the iPhone.

Rumors that the iPhone 6s will be getting a vastly improved camera are picking up steam.

According to a new report coming out of China, the next-generation Apple handset will boast a 12MP camera with a special Sony sensor to improve the performance of shooting in low-light conditions.

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‘How did they do that?’ New book reveals BlackBerry’s response to original iPhone

A moment of triumph for Apple and its customers. Certainly not for BlackBerry, though.

A moment of triumph for Apple and its customers. Certainly not for BlackBerry, though.

Living in a world where the iPhone dominates, and rivals don’t so much compete by doing things differently as by offering cut-rate versions of the same core technology, it can be easy to forget how much of a disruption Apple’s handset actually caused when Steve Jobs unveiled it in 2007.

A new book chronicling the rise and fall of BlackBerry tells the story from the perspective of the one-time king of (semi-)smartphones. And the reaction was every bit as full of shock, awe, anger and denial as you might expect.

Because iPhone and BlackBerry don’t have to compete for customers, right? Right?

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Foxconn may be planning new iPhone-building factories in India

Photo: Apple

Tim Cook meets a worker at one of Foxconn’s China factories. Photo: Apple

The India government has previously blocked Apple from opening any brick-and-mortar retail outlets in the country because Apple don’t manufacture any products in India.

That could be about to change, however, thanks to a recent rumor claiming that Foxconn has been given permission to open new iPhone-manufacturing plants in Maharashtra, the heavily-populated state in the country’s western region which claims Mumbai as its capital.

The factories would benefit from government funding aimed at bringing more manufacturing companies to India.

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Rapper explains why Jay Z is smearing Apple with the race card

Jay Z's got 99 problems, and Tim Cook may be one.

Not everyone agrees with Jay Z’s assessment of Apple’s business practices.

Rapper and entrepreneur Jay Z made waves when he claimed that there is a racially-motivated component to why Apple and others are “hating on” his new Tidal streaming music service.

But if you thought the whole hip hop community would stand behind Jay Z on the topic, you’d be wrong. In particular, “Pump It Up” hit maker, Slaughterhouse member (and Apple fan?) Joe Budden hit back with comments in a recent interview.

His take on the situation? That people don’t buy products based on their love of a particular company. They do it because that company makes the best products. And right now, Apple does and Tidal doesn’t.

Oh, snap!

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