Don’t Try To Use Your iPad In Portrait Mode While Wearing Polarized Sunglasses


Forget trying to wear your polarized glasses while trying to use your iPad in portrait mode.

Do you wear polarized sunglasses? If so, you can go ahead and forget trying to use your iPad in portrait mode while wearing them. You think we’re kidding? No.. when wearing polarized sunglasses the iPad’s screen turns black when using it in portait mode — rendering it useless until you flip it over in landscape. Devastating, we know.

Don’t believe us? Check it out on video:

AT&T Will Unlock Off-Contract iPhones Starting Sunday


Five years on, the iPhone's still got it.
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Those of you who have purchased your iPhone off-contract, aka for the full price, will be happy to hear that AT&T will begin unlocking iPhones at customers’ request this Sunday. Carrier unlocking will allow customers “in good standing” to switch out the AT&T SIM for a SIM on another network, as long as the bands are supported. This is great for customers who want to travel with their AT&T iPhone internationally. 

Foxconn Workers Will Get Pay Raise In July


Workers' wages will be increased in July, the CEO of Foxconn said.

After the FLA found wide scale violations at Apple’s main manufacturing plant, Foxconn, both Foxconn and Apple promised to fix the issues by 2013. Issues that were found include the amount of overtime worked, compensation workers receive for their overtime, and numerous health and safety risks. In what looks to be the first of changes, Foxconn and Apple will be raising workers’ wages in July.

Security Experts Warn Of New Mac Viruses


Security experts are encouraging Mac users to get an antivirus program, due to new attacks.

A new set of attacks have made their way on the scene, causing a new set of problems for Mac users who once though they were safe from viruses. As most of you know, most Mac users currently don’t have an antivirus program installed, which causes problems if their Mac becomes over taken with a virus. Historically, Windows has been plagued with viruses, and OS X has been thought to be virtually safe, but today, a security expert warns Mac users of new viruses.