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On second thought, you can download iTunes 12.2 right now

iTunes 12.2

Well, alright, then.

We literally just posted about the iTunes version required to run Apple Music not being available yet, but it looks like it’s currently available as part of a system update in the Mac App Store.

Hey, thanks a lot, Apple.

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You aren’t going crazy: iTunes’ Apple Music update still MIA [Update: or not]

iTunes 12.2

iTunes 12.2: Coming sometime that isn’t right now when you need it.

If you’ve been playing around with Apple Music on your iPhone or iPad today, you might have wondered at some point what it’s like to listen to on your desktop computer.

You’ll have to keep wondering, though, because the iTunes update you need to listen to Apple Music isn’t out yet.

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Apple Music’s setup screen is short a few bubbles

Apple Music bubbles

Some things are missing from this picture.

Apple Music launched today, and so far people seem pretty happy with the new platform. But that isn’t to say that we haven’t found a few complaints to pick out.

We don’t like the new app icon, for one. And some of us are having trouble finding the music we own mixed in with all the streaming stuff. But probably the biggest issue we — and a reader or two — have had concerns the taste-selection screen when you first set up Apple Music.

Here are some of the important bubbles we couldn’t find when we first opened the new app.

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Designers beef up farming tech with wearables for cows

Moo Cows by Matt Northam

Some dumb cows are getting some smart wearables.

Design firm Cambridge Industrial Design herd that dairy farmers might want to track their cows’ moo-vements, so they went ahead and developed some udderly clever smart collars to help keep an eye on the beasts.

That’s right: Even cattle are starting to horn in on the wearables scene.

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Apple Camp returns to teach tech to kids

Apple Camp

Apple Camp is a free, three-day program that guides kids through a project.

Parents looking to keep their creative kids busy this summer might want to look into Apple Camp, a free, three-day workshop at select Apple retail stores.

As in previous years, sessions will occur throughout July and August and will guide campers ages 8 to 12 through one of two cool projects.

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Apple wins over more customers than Samsung, report says

iLove by Lis Ferla

Apple users love their Apple stuff.

You can call it customer loyalty, brand stickiness, or whatever other terms the cool marketing kids are using these days, but it all means the same thing in this case: Apple is doing a better job than Samsung of retaining customers and winning over new ones.

This is according to a report from RBC Capital Markets, which polled Apple and Samsung customers about their current and future purchases.

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Hideous Apple Watch power strap will almost triple battery life

Reserve Strap

Extend your Apple Watch’s life with the power of ugly.

One of the main complaints Apple Watch naysayers have is that the advertised 18-hour battery life of the wearable is kind of crappy. An expensive, upcoming accessory aims to address that issue, but we’re not sure that the look appeals to us much.

The new band is called the Reserve Strap, and while it definitely sounds useful, its price and appearance leave our pointers well clear of the pre-order button.

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What HomeKit’s commands say about the Apple lifestyle


Apple announced HomeKit to developers at WWDC last year. Photo: Apple

Apple is gearing up to introduce its smarthome platform HomeKit alongside the launch of iOS 9 this fall. It will let users control smart devices like lights, door locks, and thermostats from their phones. You’ll also be able to issue voice commands to digital assistant Siri, and the company has updated the list of things you can say to get things done around your house.

But when we looked at the list of commands, we noticed that Apple is making some strange assumptions about how people might be using the new automation features. Here are some of the examples Apple gives and why they have us scratching our heads.

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Apple Watch headed to 16 more countries by the end of the year

Upcoming Apple Watch countries

Here are the next three countries that will get the Apple Watch.

As Apple fans in seven countries line up today to grab their new Apple Watches as the new wearable becomes available, we’re looking ahead to see which other nations will be sporting the smartwatches by the end of the year.

We don’t have dates for all of them just yet, but Apple has confirmed that they’re on the way.

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Your next Apple Watch could save you from carpal tunnel syndrome

Apple Watch workout

Your “other” workout had better be cardio.

Apple has been working on the Apple Watch’s heart-rate monitor ever since the wearable launched in April. First, it was taking your pulse every 10 minutes. Then, it was doing it every 10 minutes unless you were moving around because the company said that a resting heart rate is a better health indicator than a “doing whatever” heart rate.

And that’s correct, but a newly released patent hints at some future improvements for the function that could also spare you some wrist pain and warn you about stress.

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