iPad Pro is all but confirmed and the iPhone 6s gets bent on The CultCast


The 6S gets bent and the results are surprising.
The 6S gets bent and the results are surprising.
Photo: Unboxtherapy

This week on Cult of Mac’s podcast: Why we’re convinced we’ll see an iPad Pro come fall, and what we expect from Apple’s giant shield tablet of power. Plus: The iPhone 6s back gets a bend test, and the results are surprising; and Apple leases a secret facility to test its autonomous car.

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The life of a professional Instagrammer, this week on The CultCast


Imagine getting paid to Instagram...
Imagine getting paid to Instagram...
Photo: @withhearts

This week on The Cultcast: Ever wonder what it’s like to have companies pay you to travel the world snapping their Instagram photos? Professional Instagrammer Cory Staudacher shares his workflows and favorite iOS photo apps — and you won’t believe how much some companies will pay you to make them look cool.

Plus: Neat new features coming to iOS 9; Apple quietly beefs up the iPhone 6s to prevent another #Bendgate; and don’t miss our list of new favorite apps.

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Apple TV refresh and our picks for worst Apple accessories on The CultCast


"Finally, an easy way to use my iPad hands-free."
Photo: Prank Pack

This week on Cult of Mac’s podcast: Looks like the radically improved Apple TV we’ve be waiting for lands in September — we’ll tell you what to expect. Plus: Apple is not going to be your next wireless carrier; more Beats Radio stations are in the works; and don’t miss our picks for the “best of the worst” Apple accessories.

iPad Pro hopes, Woz fears Skynet, and British bar fights on The CultCast


It all started with Stella Artois...
It all started with Stella Artois...
Photo: By Charles F. Price

This week: why we might be in for big iPad upgrades this year; our expectations for the iPhone 6C; the one feature we hope iPhone 6S will get (but probably won’t); Woz is worried about Skynet again; and… is Apple building a machine for time travel? You’ll have to press play to find out…

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Pundits ditch Apple Music and Apple Watch satisfies the masses on The CultCast




This week: some pundits are fed up with Apple music, but you know what? We’re not. Plus: Apple’s Back To School promotion is finally unveiled; Apple Watch topples expectations, gets an insane satisfaction rating; iOS devices cross a major threshold; plus we answer your questions on an all-new #CultCastQnA.

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