Thief gets pinched for stealing 38 phones at a music gig


Work phone, home phone, err... what's next?
Photo: West Midlands Police

As expensive miniature computers people carry around in their pockets, it’s no surprise that smartphones are regularly the targets of petty thieves.

But one particular thief outshone the rest when he recently (allegedly) managed to steal 38 different phones during a Libertines concert in the U.K., only to be arrested with them stuffed down his trousers.

A work phone and a personal phone I can understand, but explaining away the other 36 handsets was surely a bit of a challenge!

Sharing your Snapchat username just got snappier


Snapchat user profile sharing just got easier.
Snapchat user profile sharing just got easier.
Photo: Snapchat

Tucked away in a recent Snapchat update for Android and iOS, users of the app will notice a new option that allows for the quick and easy sharing of a URL that links directly to their user profile. The link, which can then be copied or shared anywhere a link can be tapped or clicked, takes Snapchat users directly to the app on mobile, and then into the linking user’s profile.

Snapchat pushed updates to both of its primary applications, Android and iOS, a couple of days ago but made no mention of the new URLs.