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Déjà vu: Apple and Samsung working together to end patent war


Like warring divorcees who are trying to make it work “for the kids” Apple and Samsung are reportedly attempting to find “common ground” that will let them end their ongoing legal battles.

The report comes from the Korea Times, which cites sources “familiar with the negotiations.” According to the newspaper, both sides are trying to be “more practical” about finding a solution, since Apple would ideally like to continue using Samsung as one of its main parts suppliers — possibly for the long-awaited iWatch.

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Sunrise calendar lets you connect Songkick, Evernote, Tripit and more


If you aren’t already using Sunrise to manage your calendars on Android and iOS, then you’re doing something wrong. It’s the prettiest (certainly on Android) and most impressive calendar app, and it just got even better.

A new update that’s rolling out today lets you connect to services like Songkick, Evernote, Tripit and more to automatically add upcoming tasks and events to your schedule.

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Like the original iPhone, Amazon’s smartphone will be an AT&T exclusive


We’ve been waiting years for Amazon’s challenger to the iPhone to finally surface, but unless you’re on AT&T you’ll have to wait a while to get Amazon’s crazy 3D phone in your pocket.

Like the original iPhone before it, Amazon plans to launch its first smartphone as an AT&T exclusive, reports the Wall Street Journal who has talked to “people familiar with the plans.”

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The best in PC gaming finally arrives for your tablet

Now you can play huge PC games right on this mobile device, and soon on your iPad mini.

Now you can play huge PC games right on this mobile device, and soon on your iPad mini.

If you’re ready to play big-name triple-A PC games on a mobile tablet, gaming companies WikiPad and OnLive have you covered.

Using game-streaming technologies from OnLive’s CloudLift service, the Wikipad 7 will allow you to play full high-end PC games, both single and multiplayer from any digital download service like Steam. The service will extend to the just announced Wikipad Gamevice controller, which will give you the same controller system for Apple’s iPad mini, letting you play games you never thought you’d be able to on a smaller mobile device.

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Samsung’s virtual reality headset could be named Gear VR


Samsung’s scattershot business plan of trying to come out with its own version of whatever tech other companies are working on meant that it was only ever going to be so long before Samsung announced its entry into the virtual reality headset market.

Sure enough, last month we reported that the South Korean company is in the process of developing VR technology that will work alongside Galaxy devices — and how it is desperate to get the product to market before Facebook and Sony launch their Oculus Rift and Project Morpheus headsets. Now it seems that Samsung’s plans are taking shape, as the company has filed an application to trademark the name “Gear VR.”

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Parallels Access remote is now available on iPhone and Android


As one of the best-known remote-desktop clients for the iPad, Parallels Access has now expanded into the iPhone and Android space with Parallels Access 2.0.

Described by Parallels president Yakov “Jack” Zubarev as “the most reliable way to to remotely access all Windows and Mac applications from your phone or tablet,” apps accessed via Parallels Access should provide the same experience as a desktop computer — only on a smaller screen and using the taps, swipes and pinch-to-zoom gestures you’re used to dealing with on mobile.

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Nest Protect smoke alarm back on sale for $99


Nest Labs’ smoke and carbon monoxide detector, Nest Protect, was recently recalled due to a potential safety issue which meant that the alarm could be unintentionally deactivated.

Jump forward a few months and Nest has resumed sales of the device — fixing the problematic feature via both a hardware and software update. Even better, the units now cost just $99, down from the previous price point of $129.

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Domino’s app lets you order pizza by voice


Domino’s Pizza has today added Nuance voice recognition to its Android and iOS apps, enabling users to order pizza using their voice. The technology provides a “human-like” customer service experience that hopes to make it easier to order your dinner on the go.

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Daily Show ‘investigates’ why people hate Google Glassholes


Google Glass “explorers” have not integrated well into society.

There have been bar fights, street fights and subway nightmares thanks to the awkward face computers unleashed by Google, but Sarah Slocum and a group of Glassholes are convinced they’ve been unfairly targeted in hate crimes that had nothing to do with being a rude techies.

The Daily Show sent Jason Jones to investigate the group’s claims, who in turned tried to convert Jones with the joys of browsing the internet on your face. Jones of course had to try to the tech for himself, but at $1500 a pop, opted for a more homemade solution.

Watch the hilarious segment below:

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Cortana could crash the smart assistant party on Android and iOS


Microsoft’s efforts to make Cortana as pervasive as possible could see the intelligent digital assistant brought to Android and iOS. A member of the software giant’s Windows Phone team has confirmed that Microsoft is “actively talking” about bringing Cortana to rival platforms.

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