Google Calendar now helps you find time for more meetings


Google Calendar just keeps getting better.
Photo: Google

If your schedule looks busier than Best Buy on Black Friday, then the last thing you want to do is dig through it to find time for another meeting. But now you don’t have to.

Google Calendar’s new “Find a time” feature seeks out gaps in your schedule to ensure that you never have to find other things to do when you could be in ANOTHER MEETING! It will even check that your colleagues are available, too.

Brace yourself for ‘bumper ads’ before every YouTube video



When you’re excited to watch the latest videos from your favorite YouTube channels, the last thing you want to see before them is ads you can’t skip. Normally, they don’t appear on every video you watch, but Google is planning to change that.

The company today announced that is introducing 6-second “bumper ads” that will play before all videos watched on mobile devices, and you have no choice but to sit through them.