iOS arcade shooter has a heart on for you this V-Day


Blast aliens for love.
Photo: Stephen Smith/Cult of Mac

Looking to play a fast-paced, arcade-inspired video game on your iPhone or iPad? Polyblast, like a modern mashup of retro arcade favorites Space Invaders, Missile Command and Tetris, has just gotten a Valentine’s Day update, making this simple yet addictive little shooter a fantastic choice for your day of love.

If you love simple arcade-style shooters, Polyblast will keep you well-sated with solid gameplay mechanics, a delightful visual style, and a soundtrack that’ll take anyone from the era of quarter-gobbling standup cabinets back to their alien-blasting youth.

Check out the video below for a quick look at the game in action.

Samsung to pounce on falling iPhone demand with cheaper Galaxy S7


Despite a larger screen, the S7 edge could be cheaper than its predecessor.
Photo: Evan Blass

Samsung hopes to reverse declining Galaxy sales and tackle the iPhone head-on by making its upcoming Galaxy S7 more affordable.

The leaked price list below claims the entry-level option with 32GB of storage will start at just €699.99 ($787) in Europe — a full €50 ($56) less than a 16GB iPhone 6s.

Google’s secret next gen VR headsets, revealed



So far, Google’s experiments in virtual reality have mostly been done through Cardboard, the search giant’s super-cheap device that can convert any smartphone into a VR rig.

But Cardboard isn’t the limit to Google’s ambitions, with the Wall Street Journal today reporting that the company is developing a standalone virtual reality headset.