Tap and Hold in Music.app For More Info In iOS 5 [Pro Tip]



For those on an iPhone or an iPad, the “iPod” app has been replaced with “Music”, just like on the iPod Touch. With the app comes a few new tweaks and changes.Most notable is this: if you tap and hold on a song, you’ll get some more information about it.

Right now, this functionality doesn’t do much besides show information that’s already shown, like title, album and artist. But imagine if Apple fleshes out this functionality with other information over time, like genre or bit rate. What info would you like to see there?

Snap Pictures With Your iPhone’s Headset Using iOS 5 [Pro Tip]



New to iOS will be the ability to use the volume up button on an iDevice to take a picture. Because of this, you’re also able to use the volume up button on your headphones to do the same thing.

Obviously, you’ll need a headset or pair of ear buds that support Apple’s volume-up/volume-down functionality (like Apple’s official ear buds) to get this to work.

Once it’s set up, though, this is just great additional functionality for those of us who take pictures with our iPhones using a tripod, or those of us who want to take really steady shots. Just plug in your headphones, line up your iPhone on a table, and use your headset to trigger the shutter, with no resulting wobble!

Links To All of Apple’s Betas From Today’s Keynote


While WWDC is currently going on, a leaked Pastebin document is floating around the web. What’s in it? A lot of goodies. iOS 5 betas, iTunes 10.5 betas, and a whole lot more. A paid developer account is needed, but they’ll all be sure to be posted on public file sharing sites by the end of the day. While I’m currently logged in to my paid developer account, I still don’t have access to them, so they’ll most likely be live after the keynote.

Check out everything that Apple will be putting out after the break.

iTransmission – Download Torrents on iOS [Jailbreak App]


If you’ve ever wanted to download torrents on your iOS device, then iTransmission is the way to go. While Apple (currently) wouldn’t let something like this into the App Store, you can download it for free from the InsanelyI Cydia repo (repo.insanelyi.com). iTransmission is currently in alpha, so there may be some bugs. It’s very easy to use, works very well, and works for both the iPhone/iPod Touch and the iPad. For you developers out there, iTransmission is open-source.