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iOS 8 jailbreak finally ‘stable enough’ to use

An iOS 8 jailbreak tweak that replicates the Apple Watch UI on the iPhone. Kinda cool, but not much more than a parlor trick. Photo: Jeff Benjamin

An iOS 8 jailbreak tweak that replicates the Apple Watch UI on the iPhone.. Photo: Jeff Benjamin

iOS 8 has been technically jailbroken since October 22, but it’s taken weeks to get it polished enough for Cydia, the jailbreak alternative to the App Store.

Now that things are “stable enough,” Cydia creator Jay Freeman has flipped the switch to start allowing the sale of iOS 8 tweaks and themes.

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CBS News now streams live on your Apple TV

CBS News is now on Apple TV. Photo: Buster Hein

No cable subscription required to watch CBS News on the Apple TV. Photo: Buster Hein

Today CBS News added a new channel to the Apple TV. The network’s CBSN channel is the first of its kind to offer live, anchored coverage without a cable subscription.

CBS is now seriously competing with Fox, ABC, CNBC and other competitors on the Apple TV with a mix of streaming news and on-demand content.

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First malware targeted at non-jailbroken iPhones spreads in China


WireLurker is “the first known malware that can infect installed iOS applications similar to a traditional virus.” Photo: Jim Merithew/Cult of Mac

(Updated with Apple statement below.)

A new class of malware targeted at OS X and iOS is spreading like wildfire in China, according to new research by Palo Alto Networks. Dubbed WireLurker, the trojan hides itself in apps distributed through a third-party Chinese app store for OS X and side-loads itself onto iOS devices via USB.

What sets WireLurker apart from other malware is that it is capable of infecting non-jailbroken iOS devices, and it heralds “a new era in malware attacking Apple’s desktop and mobile platforms.”

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AT&T baits customers with new 24-month Next plan

att logo

Today AT&T announced a Next 24 plan that allows you to pay for your phone in small payments over the course of 30 months, with the option to upgrade after two years.

The new 24-month plan joins Next’s current 12 and 18-month upgrade options, which AT&T has been promoting heavily to get subscribers off traditional two-year contracts.

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Michael Fassbender in talks to play Steve Jobs after Christian Bale bails

We've traded Batman for Magneto.

We’ve traded Batman for Magneto.

The hot potato game of who will play Steve Jobs in Sony’s biopic continues. Christian Bale was attached to the role until yesterday, and before that Leonardo DiCaprio’s name was in the mix.

Now it’s being reported that Michael Fassbender is considering filling the Apple co-founder’s shoes. Sony is “moving quickly” to find a replacement for Bale, and Fassbender has entered “early talks,” reports Variety.

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CurrentC’s Apple Pay ban to expire in ‘months, not years’

Apple Pay's biggest competitor has already been hacked. Photo: MXC

Photo: MXC

The seemingly never-ending saga of Apple vs. CurrentC may come to an end sooner than expected. When CVS and Rite Aid turned off NFC support to block Apple Pay, it became clear that were backing CurrentC, a rival mobile wallet service coming in 2015.

Despite repeatedly denying any sort of enforced Apple Pay ban, MCX, the consortium behind CurrentC, is holding its merchant partners to an exclusivity agreement. The good news is that the agreement is set to expire in less than a year.

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Banks switch on Apple Pay support unexpectedly early

Screenshot: Alex Heath/ Cult of Mac

Screenshot: Alex Heath/ Cult of Mac

A group of banks added support for Apple Pay today, including USAA, PNC Bank, US Bank, Barclaycard and Navy Federal Credit Union.

USAA and PNC had previously said Apple Pay wouldn’t be supported until November 7, but their cards have already started working in Passbook as of this morning.

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12.2-inch iPad Pro could be thinner than the iPhone 6 Plus



Apple is expected to announce a huge iPad in early 2015, and a new report details some of the tablet’s specs.

According to the reliable Japanese site Macotakara, the larger iPad (or ‘iPad Pro’, as it’s been dubbed by the press) will feature a 12.2-inch display and improved stereo audio. The device will also reportedly be about as thin as an iPhone.

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Current delivers the best way to use Facebook on the Mac


Facebook apps for the Mac have come and gone over the years, but none have managed to capture much attention. A new contender has the goods to stick around.

After working at Apple as an engineer on WebKit and iAd, Scott Kyle decided to get into indie app development. His first stab at it is Current, a new Facebook app for OS X that lives primarily in the menubar. With quality design, notifications, a classic chat interface, and some other tricks up its sleeve, Current makes Facebook feel at home on the Mac.

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Spotify finally gets it together on the iPad


For the last year or two, Spotify’s iPad app has been sadly, pathetically ignored. Like Twitter for Mac and Tweetbot for iPad, the app has lagged behind the iPhone version so badly that it almost feels like using a different service.

So the use of the word finally is very fitting when describing Spotify’s big update today on the iPad.

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