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No WWDC Ticket? Check Out AltConf Instead

The indie dev lab at Altwwdc 2012.

If you didn’t win the lottery for Apple’s World Wide Developers Conference, you’re in good company. For the third year in a row, AltConf is hosting a get-together for the rest of us.

Formerly called AltWWDC, the conference will boost Fog City’s already-high nerd quotient by hundreds of developers who didn’t get the golden tickets. AltConf will be held in parallel to WWDC at the Children’s Creativity Museum in Yerba Buena Center near Moscone West — which means that haves and have-nots will be waiting at the same stoplights and heading to the same bars after hours.

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Got A Golden Ticket? Apple’s WWDC Invites Are Hottest Thing Going


Like some sort of corporate Willy Wonka, Apple has thrilled 5,000 eager coders by inviting them to the Worldwide Developers Conference this June. But, like the fictitious candy man, Cupertino also crushed the dreams of thousands of would-be attendees who didn’t snag a golden ticket to the Apple event of the year.

I’m going to WWDC!!!!” tweeted Kevin Sliech after he got an email Monday saying he had been selected to buy a WWDC ticket. “So incredibly pumped it’s absurd.”

Thanks to a new lottery system, this year’s rush to get WWDC tickets didn’t result in a crippled website that sold out in 71 seconds. Still, the odds of securing a spot at the San Francisco event were probably higher than ever, since developers could register for a chance to buy a ticket without ponying up the $1,600 in advance.

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Five Reasons You Should Enter the WWDC Lottery


Apple finally announced the dates for WWDC 14 and while there won’t be a mad two minute dash to sellout this year, it might be even harder to get in thanks to Apple’s new lottery system.

Only 5,000 developers will be selected to purchase tickets to the Apple event of the year that will packed with everything from new product announcements, hands-on labs, concerts, and code melting out of your eyeballs.

Here are five reasons why WWDC 2014 shouldn’t be missed:

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iPhone 6 To Launch At WWDC In July With Supercharged Touch ID?


When will the iPhone 6 be released? Ever since the iPhone 4s, Apple has unveiled the next iPhone in September, but at least one analyst is now claiming that Apple might go back to a WWDC launch in 2014.

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Better Late Than Never: Official WWDC 2013 Gets Updated


With the next Worldwide Developer Conference a few months away (good luck getting tickets), it seems a little strange that Apple would go through the trouble of updating last year’s WWDC 2013 app with some fixes, but delve a little deeper and it makes sense.

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You Can Now Watch All The WWDC 2013 Session Videos On YouTube [Updated]


Update: Looks like the account wasn’t Apple’s after all, and the videos have been pulled.

Didn’t get a chance to go to WWDC to learn all the new stuff about iOS 7 and OS X Mavericks? Developers have been able to watch all of the WWDC session videos for nearly a month now, but Apple just uploaded them to YouTube as well so even unregistered developers can get in on the action.

Rather than uploading all the videos to Apple’s regular YouTube channel, they’ve been uploaded to a new channel called WWDCVideos channel. Apple hasn’t confirmed that it’s an official channel, but the videos are legit, so head over for a heavy dose of iOS 7 knowledge.

You Can Now Watch Apple’s Entire WWDC Keynote On YouTube


If you haven’t already watched Apple’s WWDC keynote, it’s probably because you just haven’t found the time. At just under two hours long, it’s not something you can just slip into your day. But you can now watch it at your leisure on any of your electronics devices because Apple just uploaded the entire thing to YouTube.

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Every WWDC 2013 Session Video Can Now Be Downloaded From Apple’s Developer Site


Apple just posted videos for every session at WWDC 2013 so developers who didn’t make it out to California for the conference can still get all the new info on how to prepare their apps for iOS 7 and OS X 10.9 Mavericks.

The WWDC 2013 videos can be streamed from Safari, or you can download them straight to your desktop to watch later. You have to be a registered Apple Developer to view the videos which can be found here once you sign in.

Jony Ive More Popular At WWDC Than Tim Cook, According To Social Media


Jony Ive didn’t even make an appearance at the WWDC keynote last week, but that didn’t stop his name from spreading all over Twitter and Facebook, thanks to his influence on iOS 7’s new parallax UI.

A report from the people at ViralHeat shows that Jony Ive had the most social media mentions of anyone at Apple, including CEO Tim Cook. Sir Jony Ive had 28,377 mentions across Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest, while Tim cook was mentioned 20,919 times.

Not only did Jony get more attention on social media, the comments about him trended more positively than those about Cook (72% positive for Ive, 64% positive for Cook)

Here are the full social media stats about WWDC:

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Five Ways To Speed Up Your iOS Apps [AltWWDC]

Collin Donnell at AltWWDC.

Collin Donnell at AltWWDC.

SAN FRANCISCO, CA Collin Donnell wants app developers to learn from his mistakes.

Donnell, a full-time iOS developer  since 2008 whose app credits include Pinbook for Pinboard, shared some tips to a packed room at AltWWDC, which we have been all over like an snuggle iPad case. He divided them into practical and philosophical, but they sort of blend together.

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