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Ken Segall Gives Advice To Aaron Sorkin On How To Make The Perfect Steve Jobs Biopic



How do you take a life that was lived so fully, with so much drama, triumph and failure, and condense it into a 2.5 hour movie that will effectively express Steve Jobs as a person? It’s a monumental task that will be nearly impossible for any screenwriter to accomplish.

No matter how great a job Aaron Sorkin does adapting Steve Jobs’s biography into a screenplay, some people are going to hate it and say parts were left out while other were embellished. Sorkin’s not aiming for Sony’s movie to be historically accurate though, so what do you think he should focus on?

Our friend Ken Segall, who worked closely with Steve for over a decade, has some great ideas on what the focus of Aaron Sorkin’s screenplay should be.

What Was Working With Steve Jobs Really Like? Ken Segall Tells All On The CultCast


Author of the new book, “Insanely Simple,” Ken Segall got to do something most can only dream about: work one-on-one with Steve Jobs, creating some of Apple’s most iconic products and ad campaigns.

From naming the iMac, to helping develop Apple’s famous Think Different ad campaign, Ken has 12 years of stories to tell about what it’s really like to work with the man most of us Apple fans revere: Steve Jobs. And on episode 10 of The CultCast, Ken opens up on who Steve was, what his creative process was like, and the best ways to not get yelled at.

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Ken Segall Recalls His Stories As Steve Jobs’ Ad Man On This Week’s CultCast



If you’re a fan of Steve Jobs, or if you’ve ever pondered what makes Apple so different from every other company out there, you’re not going to want to miss our fascinating CultCast interview with ex Apple Ad guy and long time Steve Jobs collaborator, Ken Segall.

In his 12 years as an advertising executive working with Apple, Ken Segall put that little “i” in front of the iMac, helped develop Apple’s famous Think Different ad campaign, and spent countless hours creating and working closely with one Mr. Steven P. Jobs — he even got yelled at a few times.

Now Mr. Segall has a new book out, titled, Insanely Simple: The Obsession That Drives Apple’s Success. And in this episode of The CultCast, Ken regales us with stories of what it was really like working with Steve Jobs, and what makes Apple so different from every other company on earth.

Ken Segall On What Made Apple’s Insanely Simple Approach Work [Q&A]

Author Ken Segall, @photo Doug Schneider.
Author Ken Segall, Photo by Doug Schneider.

Ken Segall, who named the iMac and worked on the “Think Different” campaign, has some choice takeaways from working with Steve Jobs that he’s finally sharing in book form with Insanely Simple: The Obsession That Drives Apple’s Success.

The cleanly-designed cover in Apple’s signature Myriad typeface looks almost like it should be unboxed; inside you’ll find choice insider tales of the flops, false starts and history made with Apple over the 12 years he worked with the Cupertino company. (You can read an exclusive excerpt from Insanely Simple and our review of the book here.)

Segall tells Cult of Mac about the reasoning behind that lowercase “i,” winning Jobs over and what happened when ads flopped. You can catch up with him through his blog or Facebook page, where you’ll also find details about his upcoming book tour.