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Apple denies that millions of iCloud accounts have been hacked


The CIA has a team of more than 5,000 hackers.
Hackers have threatened to remotely wipe devices belonging to millions of users.
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Apple is denying reports that hackers have gained access to up to 559 million customer accounts, and are extorting the company by promising to remotely wipe devices of their data.

Hackers identifying themselves as the “Turkish Crime Family” this week demanded $75,000 in cryptocurrencies Bitcoin or Ethereum from Apple, or else $100,000 in iTunes gift cards. In exchange, they have said they will delete their alleged data cache.

Hackers try to extort Apple with threats of resetting iCloud accounts, wiping devices


Photo: Hackers, United Artists
Hackers claim they have access to up to 559 million Apple accounts.
Photo: Hackers, United Artists

Hackers who claim to have access to millions of iCloud and Apple email accounts are reportedly trying to extort Apple, threatening to remotely wipe individuals’ devices if their demands aren’t met.

Identifying themselves as the “Turkish Crime Family,” the attackers are demanding $75,000 in cryptocurrencies Bitcoin or Ethereum, or else $100,000 in iTunes gift cards. In exchange, they claim they will delete the data cache.

It’s not just you, iCloud is down now for some users


iCloud is down.
Photo: Apple

Are you having a hard time backing up files to iCloud or listening to songs on Apple Music? You’re not alone.

It appears that Apple’s iCloud services are currently impacted by a major Amazon web services outage that has crippled the internet on the East Coast. It’s unclear what is causing the problem but Apple says only 0.04 percent of users are effected by “slower than normal performance.”

Here are all the Apple services that are down:

Apple buys iCloud domain from Chinese social network


iCloud site
Breaking news: iCloud's closing. (Not that one!)

In an attempt to crack down on confusion and protect its intellectual property rights, Apple has acquired the website, previously the home of a small Chinese social network.

The web address now displays a message revealing that the site as it currently exists will be closing at the end of the month, and that all existing user data will be destroyed.

Apple secretly logs iCloud users’ iPhone call history


Apple Security Jacket
Apple receives user call histories when iCloud is enabled, claims a new report.
Photo: Jim Merithew/Cult of Mac

Apple receives user call histories when iCloud is enabled, claims a new report from Russian digital forensics firm Elcomsoft.

The logs include information about calls made and received on an iOS device, along with phone numbers, dates, times, call duration, and even missed and bypassed calls — for both regular and FaceTime calls.

Today in Apple history: iCloud takes our files and photos to the sky


Steve Jobs called iCloud Apple's hard disk in the sky.
Photo: Apple

Oct12 October 12, 2011: Apple launches iCloud, letting users automatically and wirelessly store content and push it to their various devices.

iCloud’s arrival marks the end of Apple’s “digital hub” strategy — and ushers in an age of inter-device communication and non-localized files that Apple continues to build on today.

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