Apple and Art – The Enduring Legacy [Gallery]

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Lost in the hoopla of Apple’s WWDC software revelations this week — from iMessage, to iCloud, to iTunes Match — has been coverage of what may prove to be the company’s most enduring revolutionary influence, which is the one it’s having on the Art world.

Monday night in San Francisco, Future/Canvas — dedicated to the emerging medium of iPad Art — held a reception/exhibition at the Warfield Building on Market Street that proved Apple’s mobile OS and its related devices support visual creativity in ways that no other platform or hardware manufacturer can today.

Artists using applications such as Art Rage and TypeDrawing showed previously conceived work, while others including David Newman and Julia Kay produced new work on the spot using apps such as Brushes and Sketchbook Pro.

Apple and Art – The Enduring Legacy [Gallery]

Julia Kay’s portrait of the artist Hansol Huh, rendered with TypeDrawing.

Apple and Art – The Enduring Legacy [Gallery]

Most striking about the scene was the interactivity on display.

It wasn’t all about “Hey, I’m an artist,” as much as it was about “Hey, here’s this art tool — are YOU an artist?”

Apple and Art – The Enduring Legacy [Gallery]

As a result, many of the visitors/participants had iPads in their hands, creating art on the spot, which gave a living, breathing aspect to the idea that ART HAPPENS.

Apple and Art – The Enduring Legacy [Gallery]

And so it does.

And it happens more often, digitally, on iPads than it does on any other device in production today.

Apple and Art – The Enduring Legacy [Gallery]

  • Peter Foghmar

    Can’t wait to get my hands on an iPad+stylus for drawing – Just saw Hockney’s  “me draw on iPad” at a art-display and it was great !!

  • cheesy11

    cant see these selling for millions though

  • ADimensionOfMind

    Some stunning art is created via iPad and available apps, both pictures and sounds.  Anyone who says it’s just for consuming media is way wrong : )

  • JuliaLKay

    Belated thanks for the write-up, images and links.
    Julia Kay

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