Square’s Jack Dorsey Teases About Apple Tie-in For Monday

Square’s Jack Dorsey Teases About Apple Tie-in For Monday

Jack Dorsey, the head of Square and co-founder of Twitter, dropped a hint on Saturday via a cryptic Tweet about a possible deal with Apple. The Tweet simply said, “Apple @Square” along with a link to an Instagram photo of a plate of sliced Apples shaped like the Square logo.

Square’s Jack Dorsey Teases About Apple Tie-in For Monday

The cryptic tease comes just two days before Square’s special event on Monday, May 23rd.

Apple Stores, both online and retail, now carry the diminutive Square credit card readers in both black and white. Perfectly matching your iPhone 4 or iPad 2. They cost approximately $10 each and you receive a $10 credit from Square for at least one of the devices you purchase – since you can currently get your first reader from them directly for free.

Could Apple be partnering with Square on something significant to Apple’s retail business? The announcement happens to coincide with Apple’s rumored Apple Store 2.0 which might mean Apple Store employees using Square’s credit card readers for your next Apple Store purchase.

  • Seth


  • Sahanatrymytech

     i think this must be a bad joke…

  • CharliK

    Apple is buying them

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  • CharliK

     Apple’s buying Square

  • cheesy11

    apples just dominating the market and looking to dip its hand into other pockets now

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