These Are The Weirdest And Most Interesting Apple Stores On Earth [Gallery]


Apple's 5th Avenue location in New York City might be its most iconic retail store, but it's certainly not the strangest.
Apple's 5th Avenue location in New York City might be its most iconic retail store, but it's not necessarily the strangest.
Four Apple Stores in America alone have rooftop gardens. This one is from the Boylston Street Apple Store in Boston, Massachusetts, Four Apple Stores in America alone have rooftop gardens. This one is from the Boylston Street Apple Store in Boston, Massachusetts, but Chicago's North Michigan Ave. and Lincoln Park stores also have one, as well as Minneapolis' Uptown Apple Store.
At just 540 square feet, this Apple Store in Santa Rosa Plaza in North California is the world's teensiest.
Apple opened this store in the belly of Paris' Louvre Museum on November 7th, 2009. Appropriately, Apple now has a retail presence on what were once the palaces and gardens of kings.

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  • Nejohnso

     How can both Japan and England have the world’s largest Apple Store?  Are they both the same size?

  • Simon Moles

    ” London’s Regent Street Apple Store is not just the world’s largest Apple Store at 25,000 square feet,”

    “Tokyo, Japan’s Ginza Apple Store is the world’s largest”


  • brownlee

    It’s supposed to read tallest. I’ll fix. 

  • Guest

    I think Toronto has some of the smallest stores. Those ones in the malls are so crowded. Toronto needs a flagship Apple store. 

  • E Sizzle

    i thought the same thing 

  • waziz

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, John Brownlee is a very poor writer.

  • prof_peabody

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again.  waziz is a very shallow and mean-spirited commenter. 

  • iMunas

    nope, they are in different worlds :)

  • prof_peabody

    Even though I’ve been waiting for buildings to incorporate more greenery since … well forever, those trees in the Australian store look ridiculous and very much in the way.  

  • brownlee

    I’m not poor, waziz! I make a shocking amount of money, given my ineptitude at it.

  • daniel12345

     In fact the germany store isn’t the newest- the Bordeaux store opened last week in france:-

  • hausoftrinity

     I went to the NYC 5th Avenue one the weekend it opened. Honestly, as pretty as these other ones are, that one took my breath away.

  • Arqsagi

     the Chicago MIchican Ave. store is the only one with a window shaped as the Apple logo, love this store and visit it every year in June, so next month will be there

  • nthnm

     There were quite a few left off this list. I think the Covent Garden location would be a good one. There are a couple others in Paris that don’t look like most Apple stores as well.

  • Tom McGrath

     I heard the Covent Garden store took over as the largest store in the world…

  • Hampus

    Hmm the Regent Street store isnt the largest, the Covent Garden one is (

    Regent street one is supposed to be the busiest one though…

  • Nick J

     I though Regent Street was no longer the largest because of the new store in Covent Gardens 

  • simulacrae

    I wish we would get one in Stockholm, maybe one day, I heard that Scandinavia has been on the books to get apple stores for a while, but apple like their stores presence to be seen from far away and there aren’t many locations in Stockholm that would fit the bill.

  • Dom

     Half the comments haven’t noticed that Covent Garden is actually featured in the post. Which Store is it that has the largest single pane of glass in the world, specially commissioned for Apple?

  • Joe

     The Apple Store in San Salvador, El Salvador is much smaller than the store you list as the smallest one in Dresden, Germany.

  • FrankvanManen

    They are working on it in Amsterdam. ;-) More info

  • Oscar Gutierrez

    Amigo, hasta donde entiendo no hay tiendas oficiales de Apple en Latinoamerica. Yo soy de Costa Rica y aqui hay algunas tiendas que son esteticamente similares a las oficiales de Apple, (que son mucho mas pequenas que las Apple Retail Store).  Estas tiendas pequenas no oficiales se llaman Apple Official Reseller Store.  ;) espero haber sido de ayuda, hermano. :D

  • Bod

    Not at all, that picture is very deceiving, there is plenty of space in that store and most particularly in that area of the store

  • Bod

     Apple Store Sydney would be a great addition, the first apple store in the southern hemisphere, the widest and (perhaps) most shallow flagship store and also has the longest genius bar (unless overtaken otherwise). It also had to tallest single glass structure unless taken over by one of the china stores

  • Bod

     also the largest apple logo, and just to confirm it does have the longest genius bar

  • Hilmar

    They leave a massive mess as well.

  • Hilmar

     The Castle Towers store in Sydney, Australia is the only one in the world situated on a corner