This Weekend, Prepare To Meet The Apple Store 2.0

This Weekend, Prepare To Meet The Apple Store 2.0

It is increasingly looking like the huge event Apple has in store for May 22nd isn’t a new product launch, but instead the unveiling of what is being christened Apple Store 2.0… an all new and improved retail experience which could also debut NFC-based payments, and possibly a surprise from Square.

According to a new report by Apple Insider, Apple Store staff will be shifting over to using the iPad in addition (or even replacing) the existing iPod Touch based Easy-Pay terminal. These iPads will be loaded with new RetailMe software, which will allow Apple staff to easily access product information and training materials on the go.

Even more details of the revamp include new “Startup Session” areas for personal Mac and setup, iPads functioning as product signs, information next to display machines and a new visual displays and sound systems.

In other words, it’s looking increasingly likely that whatever is happening this weekend, it’s just going to make the Apple Store better. That’s laudable, but those of us expecting orgies of new products and special discounts might be a little disappointed.

  • Louis M

    Makes much more sense – why would they launch a non-retail product to celebrate a retail anniversary, AND why do it on a Sunday morning? Only a purely retail “surprise” makes sense.

  • blog correction nazis

    are you serious cult of mac.  the retail event is monday may 23rd, not the 22nd. 

  • rondini

    Not sure how wise it is to replace the handy terminals they use now for a big ass iPad.

  • iMacTokyo

     It’s the new Apple 42″ and 50″ TV…
    Also finally launching Apple logo’ed T-shirts and other apparel…
    MobileMe becomes iCloud…
    And a new update to their Pro series of Macs…

    Guess I covered everything…

    Oh, one more thing…

    A new MacBook Air with detachable touch screen that turns into an iPad …

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