Adobe Releases First Three Photoshop Touch Apps for iPad


Photoshop Touch for iPad

Adobe first announced its first three Photoshop Touch applications at Photoshop World back in March, and they’re now available to download from the App Store. Color Lava, Eazel and Nav are all designed for the iPad and aim to enhance your desktop Photoshop experience with the help of a touch-based device.

Here’s a little bit about each of the applications:

Adobe Color Lava – $2.99

Adobe Color Lava

Color Lava lets you use your iPad and your fingertips to mix colors and create custom swatches and five-swatch color themes. Immediately access those color creations within Photoshop on your desktop while at home, or use the application on-the-go whenever inspiration strikes to import into Photoshop later. Dab, swirl, and smudge to create unique color swatches; interact with Photoshop on your desktop in real-time; make fine adjustments to your color creations; and share your swatches and color themes with friends directly from the application.

Adobe Eazel – $4.99

Adobe Photoshop Eazel

Eazel lets you create beautiful paintings with your fingertips. Get amazing color blends thanks to a painting technology that offers a new kind of interaction between “wet” and “dry” paint; enjoy a unique user interface that lets you paint across the entire iPad display; and easily access the tools you use most frequently. Eazel lets you send your paintings straight to Photoshop on your desktop, save them to your camera roll, and share them with your friends.

Adobe Nav – $1.99

Adobe Photoshop Nav

Nav allows you to access Photoshop tools and browse and select open documents at the tap of a button. Customize the application’s toolbar with up to 16 tools of your choice to provide you with quick and easy access to all of the things you use most frequently. Browser, reorder and zoom in on up to 200 open documents, and tap any document on your iPad to activate it within Photoshop on your desktop.

Adobe’s first three Photoshop Touch applications really show the potential of its Touch SDK, and I’m sure Photoshop users will find them incredibly useful. I’d love to see other developers use iOS companion applications to work with other software we use frequently on our desktops.

All three applications work with Photoshop CS5 on both Mac and Windows computers.

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  • Danielsw

    I’m eager to try these once I get my iPad.

    This seems to be pretty innovative on Adobe’s part, and seems to show there’re no lingering bad feelings over Apple’s snubbing Flash on iOS devices.

  • Guest


    Perhaps you didn’t know that Flash is on iOS through Adobe AIR.

  • prof_peabody

    I’m sorry, but these are really quite lame.

    The only reason you’d want to mix paint like that is if you were doing natural media drawing & painting and no one serious about it would use Photoshop for that, they’d use Painter. The tools palette is especially lame, I just can’t think of a single scenario where that would come in handy. “Eazel” looks identical to most other painting apps already on the iOS app store despite the write up. It’s a finger painting app. So what?

  • ZegWoo

    Wow this makes a lot of sense dude, very good stuff dude.

  • notbuyingintoyourfanboyism

    I have to agree with
    @ZegWoo:disqus Prof. Peabody
    . I just don’t see how these are useful in any real way. Sure, they’re neat, but I don’t need another neat app that serves no real purpose. I would hope that Adobe has something much more exciting and useful planned.
    And seriously, just because it’s related to Apple, it doesn’t deserve automatic praise. Some of the fanboys on this site are going to sprain their lips kissing Apple’s ass so intensely.