If You Like Watching Videos, You’ll Go Nuts Over Showyou [Daily Freebie]

If You Like Watching Videos, You’ll Go Nuts Over Showyou [Daily Freebie]

Who wants to sift through all this text crap when you could just watch a video? If your answer to that question sounds something along the lines of “not me,” you should probably download Showyou onto your iDevice during your next coffee break — just don’t blame us if your boss fires you because you spend the next five hours watching clips on it.

The app elegantly aggregates all the videos that your contacts on Facebook or Twitter have posted, and also from its own Showyou network that can be joined via the app. Sharing clips looks just as elegant and effortless.

Showyou looks good on the iPhone, but gets drool-worthy on an iPad with videos from feeds laid out in a seamlessly swipeable checkerboard. Bonus: It plays nice with an Apple TV.

  • epramono

    The Showyou 2D Grid is awesome.
    You can swipe thru up to 1,000 videos laid out in the grid in any direction, even diagonally.
    It’s just mesmerizing watching a mozaic of videos passing by.
    I fell in love with the app on first sight, I even posted a quick review on its release date here: http://bit.ly/hOOWWw
    I think Showyou has set a new standard for the next generation of iPad apps.

  • Derek

    I’ve had nothing but troubles with it from the minute I finished downloading it. Hopefully whatever issues they’re experiencing will be resolved shortly.

  • Evan Benford

    I see those Dev’s like Windows Phone 7’s Metro UI. A lot of the app’s design elements seem to have been taken from it.

  • Humberto Diaz Porta

    The idea is great but why do you need a ‘ALL ACCESS’ pass to my whole Facebook info.?

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