Allowing Australians To Reserve iPad 2s For Next Day In-Store Pickup Allowing Australians To Reserve iPad 2s For Next Day In-Store Pickup

Boy, I sure wish we had this here: down in Oz, would-be Australian iPad 2 buyers can reserve their tablets right through Apple’s official retail site, then walk in and pick them up the next day. Magic!

Well, magic if any of Apple Australia’s retail stores actually had any iPads to dole out, which they don’t.

Still, Apple Retail stores are getting new iPad 2s in on a three or four-times weekly schedule, which means that if you’re an Australian wanting to get an iPad 2, constantly refreshing that page and swooping in on any available unit is probably the most painless way for you to get yourself an iPad.

Maybe we’ll see this same functionality roll out to the States? Sooner please, Apple.

  • Jeff

    I would like to have done that in the U.S.

  • Matthew Predny

    I’ve been refreshing since last night and it still says they’re all unavailable at every store. Hopefully new stock will come soon.

  • CharliK

    My guess is that yes the US and Europe will see it soon. Perhaps even the whole waitlist “notify me” version used last year

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