Ringtones Make a Comeback In iOS 4.3

Ringtones Make a Comeback In iOS 4.3

Here’s a hidden gem inside of iOS 4.3 that hasn’t been mentioned by anyone as far as I know. It was pointed out to me by an anonymous tipster, who sent me a few screen shots.

Apple is now allowing you to purchase Ringtones directly from your iPhone 4 (I’m not sure if this is supported by other models, but I suspect it would be).

Here’s how it works.

On an iPhone 4 running the iOS 4.3 Gold Master  launch the Settings app, tap Sounds, tap Ringtone, and then tap Buy More Tones.

Ringtones Make a Comeback In iOS 4.3

You’ll be taken to a Ringtones store which currently seems to be overrun by Lady Gaga and her expensive $1.29 ringtones.

Ringtones Make a Comeback In iOS 4.3

I’m not sure about you, but I prefer making my own ringtones from songs that I’ve already bought and turning them into  my own ringtone mash-ups. It is a lot more fun and a lot less cheaper than paying $1.29 for a ringtone matching a song I already paid for. I also like ringtonefeeder.com a site that offers a unique affordable subscription service with some very nice ringtones.

Where do you go to get your ringtone fix? Let us know by leaving a comment.

  • Will

    Seriously? You’ve been able to buy ringtones from the phone for quite some time now. I don’t believe there was a link from the Sounds menu, however.

  • fabulousjoshie

    I make my own. With Sound Editor from Roxio Media Creator.

  • Teyblyy

    You have been able to do that at least since itunes 10 came out.

  • Tones

    Garage Band, ringtone’s galore

  • DavidWMartin

    I’m not a big ringtone shopper, but I don’t recall ever being able to directly purchase a ringtone from the iPhone itself. I recall doing so in iTunes on a Mac or PC.

    I don’t think I’ve ever used a ringtone based on a song. I like to listen to music, but why mutilate my favorite song with a ringtone short? I guess that is why I like Ringtone Feeder so much – creative ringtones that don’t mangle my favorite songs.

  • Markster

    You canobit Ringtones on your iPhone now on iOS 4.2. Just go to the iTunes app, then click “More” and then Ringtones. This isn’t news.

  • Markster

    I oops. I mean you can buy Ringtones now through the iTunes app.

  • Mark Andersen

    Best and easiest way to make ringtones is with the Ringtone Designer. Can add fade in/out pick and chose anywhere you want it to start/begin. Works great.


  • Mark

    What I want is to be able to have custom TEXT tones? wtf is that gonna happen??

  • Grahas

    You have been able to do this from the iPhone for a while from the iTunes store app. The button is new in the ringtone menu though

  • tekunoloji

    More fun? More like more work.

  • Mcolyer

    Garage Band is best – create unique ringtones with instruments and samples or import an existing song from your itunes library and cut it down to size. The best part? Free!

  • ray

    I thnk the better updated feature is the fixing of the new text tones. While some are still too long, most have been cut back to very acceptable lengths. I switched from the old bell sound to the calypso.

  • Tash Wahid

    Can I make my own ringtone from a song in itunes?

  • Rob Pickering

    “a lot less cheaper” means it’s more expensive…

  • London Snoward

    This is Good News???? I thought the ringtone era was over? If people want ringtones, they should be free.

  • baley

    Buy a ringtone? Why you would like to do that at all, unless you live in 2002!

  • Chet Alzona

    i make my tones for free using freeware, and sync them through iTunes
    Luckily, I just use the Continental, same as MOTO RAZR’s…

  • stokessd

    Today, actually years ago when the first jailbreak happened…

  • datamanapp

    There’s no need to buy ringtones. You can use free app GeoRing to instantly turn any song in your iTunes library into ringtone with just a few taps. Unlike other ringtone-making apps, GeoRing doesn’t require iTunes syncing, which means your phone can ring with any song right away. (Just like buying directly from your iPhone.)

    Plus, you can create a Ringtone Playlist of your favorite songs and shuffle your ringtones to hear a new song every time. You can find GeoRing in the App Store.

  • sc
  • Jorge Fimbres

    Thank God for ‘Ringer’!

  • Beto Diaz

    I use iRinger: http://www.iringer.net/

    Very easy to use and FREE!

  • snowblind24

    i use garageband…. but you could buy ringtones forever now… tap itunes… tap more… then tap ringtones… TADA!!

  • StevenCravisDotCom

    Try http://www.iprts.com on Safari, from an iPhone only. Goes to same place iPhone Ringtone Store.

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