‘Camera+’ is Still the Best Photography App for iPhone, Now on Sale [Must-Have App]


Camera+ for iPhone

Camera+($0.99 for a limited time) iPhone – Photography

Camera+ is quite possibly the best, and certainly the most popular, photography application for the iPhone. It’s so good that it has replaced Apple’s official Camera app on my iPhone’s home screen, and is now my go-to application for snapping all my photos. With dozens of effects, touch exposure and focus, 6x digital zoom, and multiple scene modes, Camera+ is the ultimate way to get the most out of your iPhone’s photos.

In addition to a major updated that includes over 50 awesome new features and improvements, Camera+ has also been reduced for a limited to time to just $0.99. Anyone who’s used Camera+ on their iPhone will agree that you won’t find a better day-to-day photography app, and with the recent performance tweaks and new features, $0.99 for this fantastic application is a steal!

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  • Zoë Kirk-Robinson

    I have to say I love Camera+ but it seems to me that the quality of shots it takes isn’t quite that of the Camera app that comes with iPhone 4. Am I seeing things or are the photos from Camera+ actually a little more grainy?

  • Waiting for iphone5

    Yes. Grainy. Clarity accentuates everything, including the grainyness of the original image (yes iPhone takes grainy pictures. Might look better on the iPhone 4s). Just go fix it with photoshop. And don’t even try photosharpen free on the app store. It’s terrible.