This Week’s Must-Have iOS Games: Dead Space, Zombie Cafe, Grim Joggers & More!


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One of the most impressive iOS games included in our must-haves this week is the much anticipated Dead Space from Electronic Arts. Delve into an all-new Dead Space story three years on from the destruction of Marker in the first Dead Space release, and find yourself on a mission of uncertain purpose in the Mines of Titan. Experience first-hand the events that unleash Necromorph hordes once again in the first ever Dead Space storyline devised for iOS.

Zombie Cafe is a unique cafe management sim in which you use zombies for your workers as opposed to living humans. In a town where it’s hard to find good employees, you’ve partnered up with an evil corporation to use zombies as free labor to build your cafe empire. What’s great about Zombie Cafe is that when your local competition gets too fierce, you can summon your team of zombie workers to attack your neighboring rivals and steal their secret recipes.

In Grim Joggers you have control of a group of 15 joggers and your mission it to take them as far as you can before each and every one of them faces their gruesome end. This arcade-style survival game sees casual jogging become a gory bloodsport.

Find out more about the games above and check out the rest of this week’s must-haves, including Pocket Dinosaurs 2 and Aerial Assault, after the break!

Dead Space – ($6.99) iPhone / ($9.99) iPad – Games

Three years have passed since the destruction of Marker in the first Dead Space story and you find yourself on a mission of uncertain purpose in the Mines of Titan. Soon, the truth of your situation will become grotesquely clear in this brand new storyline exclusively for the App Store, which sets the stage for the upcoming action-horror Dead Space 2. Boasting a wholly original and terrifying experience splattered in deep gameplay, outstanding graphics, and a chilling soundtrack, Dead Space is an absolute must-have for any fan of intense action games. Featuring specially designed controls that keep you focused on the action, 2 exclusive new weapons with 3 more from the Dead Space universe, and downloadable upgrades from the in-game store. Already considered a masterpiece, this is a stunning vision of the acclaimed franchise and a true landmark game.

Zombie Cafe(Free) Universal – Games

Kickstart your cafe empire by hiring a team of zombie workers who are willing to work unpaid to help you run your cafe in Zombie Cafe. Prepare food with the help of the undead, direct your zombies to serve your customers, and manage your supplies to keep things ticking over smoothly. When the competition from local rivals becomes too fierce, order your team of brain munchers to attach the neighboring cafes and steal their secret recipes. Decorate your cafe with more than 100 items from the in-game store, collect and prepare more than 50 zombie-inspired recipes, and connect with your friends via Facebook to form the ultimate zombie-cafe franchise.

Grim Joggers($0.99) Universal – Games

In a world where a leisurely jog has become a gruesome bloodsport, you must take control of a team of 15 joggers and lead them as far as you can before each and every one meets their horrifying end. Grim Joggers is an arcade-style survival game that features three unique worlds, numerous ways to die, simple controls, and over two-dozen Game Centre achievements to earn. Probably the most brutal running game in the App Store, and so entertaining even those who hate jogging won’t be able to put it down.

Pocket Dinosaurs 2($0.99) iPhone – Games

With gameplay similar to that of Angry Birds, it’s easy to see why Pocket Dinosaurs is so much fun. Take control of a slingshot and master physics to shoot each loveable little dinosaur into the waiting spaceship. There are six different stages that each feature colorful cartoon backdrops, and interactive environments with various special items to collect. You have 60 seconds to collect as many dinosaurs in the spaceship as you can, and you can share your highest scores with the world on the online leaderboards through Game Centre.

Aerial Assault($1.99) iPhone – Games

The year is 2012 and doomsday is upon us as our world is ravaged by earthquakes, hurricanes, and tsunamis. NASA has announced that they have discovered the existence of another form of life on the edges of deep space, and that these creatures could help to rebuild the Earth with their advanced technological prowess. You play the part of an alien who has accepted the duty to save and replenish our planet, but enemy machines are determined to get in your way and decimate any known form of life. Take control of the alien spacecraft and steer, fire, dodge, and destroy the enemy machines that attempt to ruin your journey to the human planet where you will foster the rebirth of the human race. Featuring an easy single-tap control system, 3 difficulty levels, 8 challenging maps, and spectacular bosses to beat at the end of each level.

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