Transmit Update “Half-Available” If You Purchased Direct

Transmit Update “Half-Available” If You Purchased Direct

If you bought your copy of excellent FTP client Transmit directly from its makers at Panic Inc, then stand up and shout “YAY”, because you can go grab yourself an updated version today.

But if you bought your copy via the magical Mac App Store, turn towards Cupertino and shout “BOO”, because the exact same update was submitted to their approval system three weeks ago, and still hasn’t been approved.

Which is why Panic have decided not to sit on it any longer. They’re released Transmit 4.1.5 to direct buyers, and made a public statement explaining why.

The thing is, Panic didn’t want it to work this way. They were hoping to keep direct buyers and App Store buyers in sync, in much the same way that their FTP client can keep two folders synced between your computer and a remote website.

In short, and in the words of Panic’s Cabel Sasser: “We no longer thought it was reasonable to make our direct customers keep waiting due to circumstances beyond their control.”

Fair enough.

My view is that, rather like the early days of the iOS approval process and the iOS Store, there are kinks to be ironed out, bugs to be fixed, and processes to put in place. The Mac App Store is still young, and there are bound to be teething problems. My feeling is that this is one of them, and in time, we’ll see fewer instances of apps being delayed. (I certainly hope so.)

In the meantime, as a direct buyer of Transmit, I’m off to grab my update.

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