Report: Nearly 90% of iOS Users Are Running iOS 4.0 Or Above



You probably know Bump as the guys behind the iOS app that allows you to exchange contacts by “bumping” your device against someone else’s while the app is running. It’s such a good product that I’m mystified Apple hasn’t stolen their idea, integrated it directly into iOS and put them out of business already.

I’m glad they haven’t, though, because the Bump guys have just posted some interesting statistics gleaned from their 25+ million downloads. According to their figures, over 89% of their users are running iOS 4.0 or above.

The complete breakdown is that nearly 10% of their users are running some iteration of iOS 3.0 (probably because their devices don’t support iOS 4.0), while nearly 2% of their users have stuck with iOS 2.0, for some reason. Comparatively, 52.89% are running the latest version of 4.2.1, with 27.5% still running 4.1.

Wow. Those are actually some really impressive upgrade numbers. Granted, most iOS devices can run some form of iOS 4.0, even the iPhone 3G, but even so: these are upgrade numbers that Android, for example, would kill to have.

[via TUAW]

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