Infinity Blade Updated With New Equipment, Level Cap, Monster and In-App Purchases



If you’re as addicted to Chair and Epic’s Infinity Blade, as I am, today’s a banner day: an update to the elegiac sword fight action game has just dropped, and it adds a slew of new content.

The biggest update is probably an upwards nudge of the level cap from a max level of 40 to 45… a big relief to guys like me who were hovering dangerously close to our sword-brandishing crusader’s utmost level.

Because of the way leveling in Infinity Blade works — your character earns XP for both mastering equipment and for defeating foes — that upward nudge of the level cap means there’s also new equipment to master, including five new swords, five new shields, one new set of armor and five new helmets… including one Santa-themed helmet intriguingly called the “Holiday Helm.”

There’s also a new enemy called the Marrow Fiend, and with this update, Infinity Blade also dips its toe into the in-app purchase market, now giving players the ability to purchase gold directly.

Infinity Blade just got a bit better, and it was already one of the best games the App Store had to offer. You can grab the new Update directly from the App Store.

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